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Welcome to the Gun Hub Forum. This is a free community there is no charge to join or use this forum.

Our mission is to provide a community to engage in friendly, clean, mature discussion about guns, knives, survival, tactics, and the outdoors.


This community was originally founded in 2002 by Fernando Coelho, and it was called Your American Backyard Forum aka AmBack. When Prodigy retired its bulletin boards, AmBack became a place for the original members of the Prodigy Shooting Sports, Iditarod, and Horse communities.

By 2004, AmBack was merged with Battle Rifles, resulting in the forum doubling in size. As time went by, the forum saw several changes, and additional moderators came onboard to help manage the community. The firearm industry began to make the forum a stopping place to share news and information, and new members continued to find the site.

Backyard Outfitter was the sister company to AmBack, and the driving force behind a new line of tactical clothing made by Woolrich. In 2005, the community was renamed the Backyard Outfitter Forum and continued to grow in membership, including an influx of new members and content from which helped create a vibrant Cigar section on the forum.

EOTAC was a new clothing company, also founded by Fernando, therefore in 2008, the forum was renamed the EOTAC Forum to bring attention to the new company, and the site continued to grow.

A new business venture, Panteao Productions, was founded by Fernando to produce instructional videos called the Make Ready series, and in 2010, the forum was renamed the Make Ready Forum.

While we were not excited about another name change, we felt a simple name rebranding needed to happen. The focus of the site and community has remained - a hub for everything guns and gun-related activities, and so the forum was renamed Gun Hub.

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