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Old 04-10-2007, 02:10 PM   #1
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What do you have in your pockets?

It seems like a lot of the posts here focus on what to have in your home or car, but I spend most of my time out of my car and away from home.

Which leads me to the question, what do you carry on your person every day?

Here's what I carry:

Right pocket: Wallet (always try to have at least $50-100 cash), change, Swiss Army knife & watch on chain.
Right cargo pocket: Pad of paper, waterproof pen, zip drive with a backup of my important files.
Left pocket: S&W 642 .38 w/speer 135 gr hollowpoints
Left cargo pocket: speed loader
Rear right pocket: Cold Steel Recon 1 folder
Cell phone pocket: uh...cell phone
Belt: Keys in key silencer, Gerber multitool, Surefire E2D defender

I also often carry a Glock 30 or SW 640 in a belt holder and a Cold Steel boot knife.

I wear 5.11 tactical pants exclusively, which confortably accomodate all this stuff. People are often surprised that I have the tool necessary to solve almost any common problem.

I'd like to find a convenient way to add spare batteries for my light and a charger for my cellphone. I guess they could go in the pocket with the speedloader, but I'd hate to be fumbling around in their to find my ammo if I ever needed it.

Any suggestions on other useful items? What do you have on you on a day to day basis?
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Do you wear suspenders to hold that load up? I carry a gun and a knife and a spare mag. All that stuff sounds good to have but it is simply to much for me.
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Old 04-10-2007, 02:54 PM   #3
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I'm in a non-CCW state, so:

Victorinox Adventurer knife (includes can opener, screwdrivers, etc.--used almost daily).

Mini-Maglite (checked for brightness daily).


$30-$50 US cash.

Zero-balance credit card or two.

Keys on Kubotan.

Couple bucks in change.

Bic disposable lighter.

Several pens, typically a ballpoint, a Sharpie, and a marker-type.

If I'm going to-from work, I've got my "man-purse" with me, which always has (among other things):

Aspirin, Tylenol, Ibupropen, cough syrup, couple bandaids.

Extra pack of smokes.

Digital camera.

Good book or several magazines to read.

A few good CDs and cassettes--Warren Zevon, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, Springsteen, etc. (Never know when you're gonna get stuck somwhere.)

Walkman, spare batteries.

Safety glasses.
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Originally Posted by Travismaine
Do you wear suspenders to hold that load up? I carry a gun and a knife and a spare mag. All that stuff sounds good to have but it is simply to much for me.
Actually I should weigh it all some day. No suspenders, but if I didn't keep my belt tight my pants would fall down from the weight of it all. I eased into this much stuff over the last few years after repeatedly being frustrated by not having things that I needed. It doesn't seem like much once your used to it, and most of it gets used regularly.
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Hmmmmm...........Left front pocket has a Kel-Tec .32 ACP in a pocket holster. Right front pocket has change, car keys, cell phone, and a Gerber LST. Right rear pocket has a spare mag for the Kel-Tec, and a handkerchief. Left rear has a wallet and comb. Belt has a Spyderco Standard clipped to it. Wallet contains cash, credit cards, medical cards, and a medical brief of meds, stents, etc.

The largest change to that is when I wear a jacket. Then I normally bolt on a Paddle Holster, with a PT101, or a 1911. Also have a paddle that carries a couple of spare mags. The Kel-Tec stays home, and the change switches to the left pocket, while the car keys are used to weight the jacket on the carry side, along with the cell phone.

My truck has a large Maglite in it for lighting purposes. If I go out at night, an Innova LED rides in either the jacket, or a belt clip.
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Old 04-11-2007, 01:34 PM   #6
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I think I'll have to add lighter and hankerchief to my list. Now that I think about it, those are a couple of things that I could commonly use, but don't have on me.

As far as carrying all this stuff goes, can anyone recommend other good cargo pants? 5-11s are great, but my wardrobe is a little stale since that's all it contains.
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Old 04-11-2007, 04:42 PM   #7
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Wallet (Min $100 cash in small bills)
Gerber Multi-tool
Surefire Tactical Flashlight (120 Lumen bulb)
Thumbdrive backup

Of course I also carry a backpack (laptop+) and occasionally wear my jacket ( http://www.scottevest.com/v3_store/40_Tactical.shtml )

P.S. George , They also sell pants ( http://www.scottevest.com/v3_store/hidd ... ants.shtml )
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I normally only carry a few bucks, my wallet, whatever change, my cell phone. Its not in my pocket, but my sig, and occassionally a spare mag in one of those many little useless pockets on my right leg. (Carpenter jeans. Better pants have not yet been invented.)

I guess it really depends on the day as to what I have on me. I'm never without my cell or wallet, though. I need to get a car charger for my cell phone. Seems like anymore I'm living out of my car. Not litterally, of course, but I'm driving alot.
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Old 04-14-2007, 07:53 AM   #9
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I've never been a fan of the "look at me, I'm not like you" military/police pants. Around here, camo pants, Dockers, and Jeans rule. I carry everything in Levis.
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Old 04-24-2007, 10:59 AM   #10
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At a minimum, I carry a Swiss Army knife, keys, Streamlight micro LED flashlight and Chapstick. My wife makes sure I never have cash on me so I rely on plastic. If Iím in an area where I can carry a gun, I add at a minimum a J frame Smith or better. I often supplement my load with a Spyderco DíAllara combo blade knife and a magnesium firestarter.

If Iím wearing my one of my AmBack Woolrich vests, then I add a Commander size .45, extra magazine and a Streamlight TL-2.
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Re: What do you have in your pockets?

Originally Posted by George Haystack
I guess they could go in the pocket with the speedloader, but I'd hate to be fumbling around in their to find my ammo if I ever needed it.
Never, ever, carry anything in with the ammo, except for more ammo. Bad juju.
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Old 04-24-2007, 11:52 AM   #12
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Pretty standard every day:
belt: XD Sub Compact in IWB holster, fire pager
pockets: keys - keychain is a heavy duty carabiner with paracord wrapped around the non-hinged side, cellphone, wallet with somewhere between $0 and $20 and a few credit cards, surefire G2, benchmade folding knife

if I'm to/from/at work, my pack has a first aid kit, extra batteries, gmrs radio, water purification, and other odds and ends

if I'm in the car, the trunk has quite a few useful things
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Jeans; Front left pocket- Ave. $3.00 in change, on hook a S&W HRT knife.
Front right pocket- house-key(Seperate from keychain), very important'Lucky-Coin'( Chucky-cheese token my five year old grandson gave me), on hook a Sure-fire E3E.

Rear left pocket- PA63 lately, was a CZ70. Unless I'm wearing a jacket or large shirt, then a 1911 in a Mitch Rosen Strongside hooked on belt.

Right-rear pocket- wallet(Approx.20-100 in cash)

Belt- left side keychain on double-hook, Rosen Holster(Sometimes) over left-rear pocket. rightside, ZIPPO Holster, mag-pouch
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Old 06-10-2007, 02:46 PM   #14
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I just came in from bushhogging and took a shower so I don't have anything in my pockets. I don't even have pockets, I'm wearing a pair of jogging pants. Guess that means I'm fooked!

However I generally have a SOG Flash II, several sets of keys, a wallet, some type of writing/marking instrument, and a G27 (on my belt). Depending on the tasks of the day I substitute the SOG for a Super Knife.
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Old 12-30-2010, 10:14 AM   #15
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Re: What do you have in your pockets?

Surefire E1E
cash/ pocket change
Wallet/ credit cards
Bic lighter
pain meds
Thumbdrives with lots of survival PDFs for casual reading in down times.
Cell Phone
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Old 12-31-2010, 07:14 AM   #16
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Re: What do you have in your pockets?

Daily carry inventory:

* Emerson Mini-CQC 15 folder - right side
* Spyderco Endura 4 folder - left side
* Glock 19 Gen4
* 2 - 15 rd. spare mags
* cell phone
* zippo windproof lighter
* keys with dual paracord lanyards
* wallet - with $50 cash/id cards
* Insight HC100 tac light
* Afrin nasal spray... terrible sinus issues
* Fisher Space pen
* Cigarrettes

It feels great to unload the pockets at the end of the day!
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