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Re: Road Closed, what now?

I am always amazed at the numbers of people who don't know alternate ways around a closed road. I understand the tourists not knowing, but if you have lived in the area, you should be able to get around a closed route and on to your destination by at least 3-4 other routes.
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Originally Posted by craxma68
buy a 4x4 and use any route you can find...utiltiy ATVs work nice too and are about as wide as your standard side walk....
so were the early honda civics- i regulary drove down the sidewalks in one at night
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Re: Road Closed, what now?

One of the great fallacies of the bug out crowd is the availability of places to go set up camp once they leave the affected area. Most all of the land in the east is spoken for and the owners tend to get a mite bit testy when a truck load of folks show up and start cutting trees down for a cabin.

I worked in the LA area after the 94 quake and not very widely discussed was a fair amount of squatters having run ins with land owners.
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