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Old 04-13-2004, 07:05 AM   #1
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SHTF clothing, which color and why?

Do you have BDU's or street clothes?.....what color?.....used BDU's or new?
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Old 04-13-2004, 08:58 AM   #2
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Personally, khaki work shirt, black carhart pants, and redwing hiking boots(steel toe, required for work). Doesn't look threatening, wears well, and colors are subdued enough to blend in in my area.
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Old 04-13-2004, 09:55 AM   #3
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uoy have to ask yourself this question

what time of the year?
what part of the country?

we in the south do not need winter white camo
woodland best overall excepttttttttt
extreme south is more brown ,gray
mountain south land ,green ,black ,brown
costal south sand,brown,green

when and where
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Old 04-13-2004, 10:56 AM   #4
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Khaki/tan BDU's purchased new
very unobtrusive
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Old 04-13-2004, 11:46 AM   #5
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Okay, I'm up here in the mountains- NE GA. I wear the same stuff to town as I wear anywhere else- usually, for everyday- hunting or just around- is khaki or dark green Wrangler shirt, ProRodeo or ShadowCanyon jeans in blue or black respectively, and brown riding boots from Georgia Boot. Shirts vary by season. Hats may be off-white or slate grey (Stetson), black (Resistol), or a neutral colored palm leaf which is really quite cool in summer, also varies by season. This mode of dress don't cause folks to panic; actually, it don't attract that much attention at all. The stuff is actually quite tough and serviceable. For hunting purposes, I just avoid anything loud-colored or shiny and it's worked so far.

You can hunt without cammo; you just have to be still. You can be sitting there- hunting or SHTF- in a ghillie suit and if you're waiving your arms around and raising a ruckus, anybody will see you. It's generally movement, not color, that gives you away. Unless the enemy is trained as a sniper and then they'll know what to look for and pick you right out. In which case, you better pick a lot better cammo than I (don't ) wear day-to-day.
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Old 04-13-2004, 12:43 PM   #6
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I'm also in GA and I have to agree w/ mustanger98 what he wears is unobtrusive in most suburban areas in north GA. but I have a fondness for camo I prefer the British DPM camo myself I just think it looks cooler than BDU'S , it is also sometimes cheaper.
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Old 04-13-2004, 03:24 PM   #7
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The last SHTF party I attended, I started out in a pair of cut-off jeans and a Grateful Dead T-shirt and a pair of wino-slippers, a pair of Raybans, and a sombrero finished the ensemble, oh...and a machete. I didn't feel in the least under-dressed, in fact...if I had been wearing BDUs, would probably have been shot. As the day wore into evening, I did put on a third reef foul-weather jacket and a .44 Ruger that I managed to appropriate.
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Old 04-13-2004, 04:59 PM   #8
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Around here you'd blend right in with Carharts brown/gray or green and your favorite seed hat from the elevator It blends in pretty good even in the field and it holds up real well .

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Old 04-13-2004, 05:32 PM   #9
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Things that are functional but do not stand out from everyone else. BDUs would be my last choice. For camo pick a foreign mil or some other style camo jacket only, when you sit down your legs do not show and when you are moving it does not matter. Use as much tough non mil as you can get.
When I was in the 101st we had green only and could hide very well if you know how to hide.
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Old 04-13-2004, 06:11 PM   #10
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Seacowboys wrote:
The last SHTF party I attended...
Just curious, but when and where was that one? If it won't get anybody in any legal trouble or otherwise killed, I mean.

Jack Stanley wrote:
Around here you'd blend right in with Carharts brown/gray or green and your favorite seed hat from the elevator It blends in pretty good even in the field and it holds up real well .
I forgot to mention my brown Carhart jacket. I've been wearing it for the last 9 years now. It's still holding up real good. But then, I'm not burning holes in it welding. It has tended to be comfortable, for me anyway, up to 60 degrees depending on conditions.

I also forgot to mention that my goose down hunting vest is reversible with Realtree on one side, Mossy Oak on the other. Even if I wear it Mossy Oak out, you can still see hunter safety orange. My heavy hunting coat is also reversible, but it's strictly cold weather- put it with Carhart or Walls bib overalls and insulated ranch wellingtons and it's quite warm if you keep moving around. Sit still out there in 20F and you'll still go home bordering on hypothermia. I've done that.

308WIN wrote:
I'm also in GA and I have to agree w/ mustanger98 what he wears is unobtrusive in most suburban areas in north GA.
In my case, I'm in a rural area with a seemingly steady influx of suburban people getting out of suburbia. I think they pretty much expect anything cowboy/redneck up here, but you oughta see some of the goofy looks I've gotten at Town Center Mall.
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Old 04-14-2004, 07:04 AM   #11
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I like "Cabela's" Nail Head Trail Hiker trousers in sage or khaki and any henley l/sleeve in the same colors with Danner boots w/corduri(sp) inserts. M-65 field jacket or field vest over.
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Old 04-14-2004, 07:28 AM   #12
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german flectar

just cause it's cheap.

after that it's all olive drab, all ya gotta do is keep real still. i test what works when i go camping, by hiding then scareing the helll out of my fellow campers.
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Old 04-15-2004, 07:28 PM   #13
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I went through this decision process a few years ago. This company, Carhart, makes logger pants with double knees; also shirts with double elbows. Live in a cold area? Then, get the flannel lined.

Is there much worse than going to ground with bdus on rocks, stickers and the like? Yeah, wearing cut offs. Bdus are thin.
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Old 04-23-2004, 07:49 PM   #14
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carhart chore coat in basic tan, those things ware like iron, and being a good nutral color blend in to most any backround. carhart pants are some of the tuffest you can get. also if you live in the far north like i do, do not turn your nose up at anything wool. very quiet in the woods and will keep you warm even when wet. in cold county the saying is cotton kills and it is not far from the thuth. as to color any of your basic tans greens browns and blacks will give a good ablity to blend into the background. bdus have there place but for extended duty in the wild there are much better chothes out there. as has been stated befor it is movment that gets you seen more then anything else.
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Old 03-06-2005, 07:23 PM   #15
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Good question milsurp....

Here in the PRK it gets a little difficult. I lived in N. PRK and in a VERY short matter of time I could go from Mountains to plateaus to dark forested areas and then right out to scrub or high plains desert.
To compund this problem- PRK up there is greeeeener than green in the spring, then a very bright brown/tan for most of the summer and then a very gray winter....

I've had to outfit quite a bit for this place & climate changes. I tend to the cheapo Walmart lighter brown camo's for summer, Standard BDU's for fall in the Mountains and heavily forested areas, Cabella's stuff (don't rightly remeber the name at the moment and its packed up now) for cooler/darker fall and along the hills (opposed to mountains- da' hills are scrub and tend to be very tan/brown), and WHATEVER will keep me warm in winter- mix matching blacks and grays or very dark greens or browns.......

Summers are 100+, fall 40-80, Winters Below 40 from late November to March, and spring......... spring is ANY of the above (LOL).......... O yea, PRK's a handfull in a lot of ways too not related to politics!

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Old 03-06-2005, 07:33 PM   #16
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lol metalhead!!! nothing like diggin up an OLD thread... (last post April 2004 !! ) lol!

Whell to continue....

SHTF clothing!

NORMAL CLOTHES in urban areas... Camo will make you stick out like a bloody thumb!

but of coarse like this question and many other SHTF questions... IT ALL DEPENDS!!!!

believe it or not.... hunting camo IE mossy oak... realtree... those are realy good... so when the SHTF... you better raid mr walton!
Old 03-06-2005, 09:58 PM   #17
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Casual.... (LOL) guessed it. I'm having a real hoot reading these older threads- been finding a bunch of questions and old thoughts very interesting. Call me the Recycler of already posted info!

I love these old survival threads most of all (if you couldn't tell from all my recent posts). Think I actually found the first thread in the Survival forum unless Schmidt and Fernando cleared things out! TOTALLY forgot about ol' Fruggal Squirrel, the Gen. Reiner/Reimer digital library and a few others (lost a lot of useful info over the years....THANX matter how much I back up)

As far as this thread goes- it's a topic amongst many a hunting buddy or three....

It always feels like a crap shoot when we're heading out at seasons change. Ok, do I take the cold weather Black/gray gear....only to arrive and find by next day its 88 and green! "Watch the weather channel" my rear!!!! (LOL). Pack for warm weather and end up surviving off the one warm wool sweater I brought while my 'smarter buddies' packed lighter than I did and freeze while I laugh at them (no...would I do something like that? You bet for how much crap I get over how much crap I bring- its saved me AND THEM many a time......). Learned LONG ago to bring the farm AND the kitchen sink for most hunts but thats for when I drive. Whenever someone else does I'm limited to thier.....good graces

Anyway, I forgot to cover CITY survival SHTF..... Think (but don't own....yet?) anything that resembles the population at large. If I were in some of the bigger PRK cities I'd think 'Gangst' wear would be appropriate (LOL...any yet somewhat serious) while in Amish country I'd be lookin for my black suit or overalls!

Hey Cas-
If you have some pull 'round here- there should be a best of the best (closed) threads and maybe one for "Uncontested, always usefull, always needed info" section--- from What to wear (like thise thread) to all the -always asked info- from the AR guru's info, All the M1 guru's, M14's....etc

Anyway, Temps dropping. Gotta put on my full feet spiderman flannel pajamas ! (Just kidding!)

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Old 03-07-2005, 03:05 AM   #18
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Whell Metalhead, Id you find some info that would be worthy of a 'Sticky' PM me the TEXT.

Clean it up a bit.. ya know.. minus the "LOL LMAO!!! :P " and other random BS talk in a good post.
Old 03-07-2005, 05:26 AM   #19
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A 3 piece suit is camo on Wall Street

Wear what blends in wherever you are. Wear camo in a big city and you will stand out. But the 3 piece doesn't work too well in the woods.

Here in the Great Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, some guys, myself included, wear part camo, part time. I can't afford two sets of really good rain wear -- so I wear my good camo raingear anytime anywhere.

Got myself into birding (aka bird watching) many years ago, to improve my outdoor skills, and to get a politically correct outdoor sport. I lived in a big city, and drew LOTS of comments when I wore camo on Saturday birding trips. I don't recall anybody following my lead, but I do know that several people stopped wearing bright colors while birding with our group.

Do buy ALL your clothes with an awareness of how it will work in town and in the field.

You don't know where you will be when SHTF goes down. You'll do better if you don't stand out, in a crowd, or in the field.
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Old 03-07-2005, 06:21 PM   #20
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Originally Posted by Casual
Whell Metalhead, Id you find some info that would be worthy of a 'Sticky' PM me the TEXT.

Clean it up a bit.. ya know.. minus the "LOL LMAO!!! :P " and other random BS talk in a good post.
I hear ya' and roger that-


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