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multi-caliber adapters

Has anyone ever used those multi-caliber adapters that allow you to shoot different ammo in the same gun? They seem like they'd be a great idea for a survival rifle. Where is the best place to order the adapters from?
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MCA sports in Anchorage. " ", I like them , my daughters learned to shoot with a 12 ga to 22lr insert in the single shot shotgun. dmen
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I always thought, if you had a bullet that was smaller it was bad ju ju to shoot it through the barrel, as it bounces up and down the barrel prior to exiting causing more "wear & tear"......but I could be wrong....ymmv
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Cartridge Adaptors

The .22LR adaptors for 12 ga. shotguns usually are more than a cartridge adaptor. They are a long rifled 'sub-barrel' that fits in the chamber and barrel of the shotgun. The bullet would not be bouncing down the barrel in that case.

I think what the question aimed at was the adaptors for Cal. .30 and 7.62 NATO that allow the use of .30 Carbine or .32 ACP. I have one for .32 ACP for Cal. .30 and it works OK. The Carbine round is the same diameter as the .30 M1906 and the .32 ACP is slightly larger but so low power it works OK also. These both would work for small game in single shot mode. They are slow to reload as you have to extract the adapter and then extract the fired case from the adapter. Then you reload the adapter and chamber it. I think Midway has the adapters. The 'sports' place someone listed links to a professional sports team type site so they must have the web address a little off.
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Here's the site
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I've only ever heard of a .308 going to a 7.62x39... basically a chamber shortening I guess. Though I personaly have not had the chance to use one. Would be interesting... that is.. the 12Ga to a 22LR.
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These were quite popular back in the 60's and 70's as a cheap way to shoot surplus ammo(30 carbine and 32 acp) in your 308/30-06(cheap rifle ball ammo wasn't avalible like it is today!). One man made most of them at his shop and advertised them in all the Gun mags of the day. He had them for 222's,223's22-250's, converted to 22lr or 22 mag and shotgun shells to shoot pistol cartridges and for other guages of shotgun shells too.

I heard that the guy died ,but sold out his inventory before hand to some else who still sells them. They sold by the ton back during the survivalist movement in the 70's due to Mel Tappin's (who's he?)recommendation!

They were real handy if you had a Savage model 24 over/under with a rifle barrel and shotgun barrel. A handful of these adapters and the model 24 would allow you to shoot almost anything you might find in a survival situation which made them so popular.
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I have the .308win to .32ACP adapter. It is excellent for hunting in an M1a! Shut off the gas and use it to quietly finish off big game. In a long barrel the .32 is amazing. Coyote and smaller critters at close range can easily be taken.

If I was to do it over. I would spend a little more and get the stainless version. I got mine in the mid 90's the bluing was good. But had to be cared for. I would also consider the .30carb / .308. as a tactical choice.
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They also had them in 30-30 for the same calibers if I remember right. I knew people who had bunch of these things in a pouch carried along with their Savage 24's years ago. The pouch was quite heavy but they were prepared for anything concerning cartridges for their survival guns!
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There are lots of gadgets that greatly improve the versatility of your gun.

Little Skeeters and Chamber Mates are shotgun chamber inserts that allow you to shoot smaller gauges in your shotgun with performance that's amazing.

There are full length tubes for single and double barrel break open shotguns to convert it to different gauges and Brno (I think) even makes a full length tube to turn your shotgun into a .22LR.

Then there's the chamber inserts to convert your .30-06 into a .308, or your .308 into a 7.62x39 etc. These work very well and have been around for decades. The US Navy used these to convert their M1 Garands to .308 years ago. These are looked at as a semi-permanent conversion as they need to be removed with a stuck cartridge remover and your chamber lightly re-polished after removal.

Then there's the sub-caliber devices as mentioned before that allow you to shoot .32ACP in .30-30, .30-06, .300 Mag etc. The choices here are almost endless and they work quite well.

Chances are your gun is far more versatile than you ever imagined. If you use some of these devices, you'll come to respect the versatility of your gun much more. You'll also gain a great deal of respect for clever ingenuity.

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