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Remington Model 10 or Model 29?????

I tried the Search function but did not seem to know how to use it correctly. I have a Remington shotgun that I have cleaned-up to a shooter. But I can not determine what model it is. There is not a model number stamped on it. I believe it is either a Model 10 or a Model 29. I understand the Model 29's were made from 1929-1933 and only about 38,000 were made. I believe the Model 10s were made from 1909 to 1929, approximately 250,00 were made and the serial number was preceded by a "U".

Here is the information I am working from:
Serial Number: U 67,1xx
Last Patent Date on Barrel: 1926
Serial Number on barrel matches Serial Number on the Action
Appears the chamber is cut for 2 3/4" shells rather than 2 9/16
Remington date stamp on the barrel: BL3
Search of a serial number site does not have manufactoring data prior to 1921 and the BL3 does not produce a date

Here is what is confusing me, it does not take much . If it is a Model 10, with the low, 67,xxx out of 250,000, serial number, you would think it was made before the 1926 patent date on the barrel. If it is a Model 29, and only 38,000 were made, can the serial number be greater than 38,000 and how a "U" prefix?

Hopefully, someone can help clear this up. I would hate to kill a turkey Saturday morning and not know what I shot him with . Thanks for any and all information.
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Re: Remington Model 10 or Model 29?????

NC, Sorry I didn't get back sooner. Did you get a turkey? Old Remington pump guns seem to be kind of obscure, little has been written about them. Here's what I know and it ain't much:

The most obvious difference between Model 29's and the earlier Model 10's is that the 29's had checkered pistol grips and forearms, the model 10 and 10-A had no checkering, and grooved "tootsie-roll" forearms. Keep in mind that buttstocks and forearm wood is interchangeable between 29's and 10's.

I personally own an "early" model 10, it has a "round knob" pistol grip and a solid slide release button. The Model 10-A's I've seen have "squared" pistol grips and slide release buttons with a hole in the middle, like a doughnut. My "early" 10 has a serial number in the 25000 range, and a "U" "prefix". The barrel marking includes February 1903 and May 1905 patents, but is not marked as to model.

I also own a spare barrel which is clearly marked "Model 10-A". It also is marked with the Feb. 1903 and may 1905 patents. Rather than being marked "Remington Arms Co" like the "early"gun, it is marked "Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co, Remington Works, Ilion New York, U.S.A. The Model 29 which I own has the same barrel marking. My 29 is a straight gripped, solid ribbed, "Trap Grade" gun with a serial number in the 126000 range, also with a "U". It is not marked as to model. None of my three barrels have a 1926 patent date. Are you sure your "clean up" of the gun didn't obscure the patent dates? My 29 also has a circular Remington-UMC, Trade Mark logo stamped into the lower tang.
I have never had the chance to compare my guns to a complete 10-A, and consequently don't know what the exact mechanical differences are between a Model 10 and a 10-A, or between a 10-A and a 29. I would imagine they are fairly subtle, though. I do know that my "early" 10 has a screw head on the right side, near the front front of the receiver, about mid way 'tween top and bottom. The 29 has no srew there. the 29 also has a small screw set into the takedown barrel yoke on the left side, which neither the 10 or 10-A barrels have. My well-worn 29 also has pins set into the sides of the receiver, near the center which my 10 does not have. I've been told there are differences between the ejector springs, but frankly, I cant tell by looking. That's about all I know for sure.
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