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Practical Combat Shooting Ė isnít new

Howdy and greetings all,

Ken here aka kilogulf59 and I am new to EOTAC. I'm retired (medically), live in Wisconsin or "behind the cheddar curtain", and am interested in close combat with and without weapons, fishing, hunting, history, and cooking (well I do love to eat also).

I recognize a few names but hope to make some friends here in the near future. I found the following post interesting and thought perhaps you all would as well.


[center:1dql8s0h]Redacted by Administrator for copyright/fair use. [/center:1dql8s0h]

Should anyone be interested, I have the full version of The Pistol as a Weapon of Defence in the House and on the Road in PDF format and would be most happy the send you a copy.
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Re: Practical Combat Shooting Ė isnít new

Welcome aboard, Ken! You sound like a thoughtful person who has something to say about topics of interest to us.

Your post is most interesting reading! I should alert you that here on EOTAC we're a bit more fussy about copyright issues and such than most other boards. That's why you won't find "hot-linked" pictures here, only photos that the individual members have actually taken themselves or at least own the legal rights to.

For text, the policy here is "excerpt and link." You're not allowed to copy and paste entire, say, newspaper stories, even with full attribution and credit. The idea is to quote maybe a couple or three paragraphs, and then provide a link to the story at the site where you found it. (Or, as you have done, post an offer to email a full file upon request.)

I'm not sure exactly where your 1875 text falls in our policy. It's probably long out of copyright, and if you've only posted excerpts from the work and not the full text, you might actually be "technically" within forum policy. I should tell you that you have quite a bit more here than we normally see posted, though.

I'm going to leave your post intact. One of the other mods or an admin might edit it way back, however, if they decide it's not "kosher," or might ask you to do so.

Please don't be discouraged or put off by this, it's just the way things are here and "nothing personal." As I said, you seem to be someone who has something to contribute to this forum and we look forward to you being a member of our happy little club. Welcome to EOTAC!
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Re: Practical Combat Shooting Ė isnít new

The suggested use of the half cock notch on Colts (single action) revolvers "for safety" causes me to cringe. As do other suggestions. Many of the cringe-worthy items have to do with firearms operating systems and practices that are now outmoded. In most cases for good reason. "Not dallying to find the sights" has been proven bad advice by electronic timers. Admittedly, todays sights are much easier to find and align.

Then, there are some parts which have great merit. Overall, quite interesting.
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