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Squires Bingham

Was just wondering if someone could tell me what my Arms Corp Squires Bingham is worth? I was thinking of doing a little trading and was wanting to see what I had. It is a simi auto in fair shape with a 15 round clip. Thanks
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Probably somewhere in the $50-$100 range, and it would have to be in pretty nice shape to go $100.

These rifles aren't very well regarded, because most people don't realize just how well they'll shoot. Both of mine (one is a Chinese copy) will easily outshoot both my 10/22s.

The SBs are still available, in M16 or AK47 lookalike stocks, for under $150 wholesale. The Chinese copy (Norinco JW-14) wholesales at less than $100.
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Many years back I was the unlucky slob that was the sole "factory repair" person for the Squires Bingham guns along with some other strange gun fixin.

The SB's, when assembled right (that's the key) tend to work well with high velocity ammo, and most definitely shot straight. The M16 and AK look alikes can fetch up to $100 and maybe a touch more on the used market. The 1600 is a $50 used gun for the most part. If yours works, I'd just hang on to it.

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