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Remington .32 Pump Action

I am new to this list and I tried posting this question several days ago and don't know if I did it right so am trying again.

This rifle was accidentally left in an unheated storage building and froze up. It was my father's rifle and means a lot to me.

I was quoted $1500 to restore full function which is not feasible for me.

I found a you tube video of disassembling of one and think I could do it, but don't know if any special tools would be needed.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thanks, the norseman
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1500 will buy u an EXCELLENT NEW gun and then some- it's probably a 32 Remington which went obsolete many years ago- in your shoes, i'd consider it a wall-hanger and CERTAINLY NOT spend any money on it- as it is , if it's 'FROZEN" as you put it, it poses NO THREAT to anyone, so it could be a nice "fireplace gun'- you really need no special tools but a great deal of common sense - a set of gunsmith screwdrivers would be nice- first thing I would do is strip the wood from the metal and give it a good soak in PENETRATING OIL - then start to take it to pieces if necessary- but like I say- that cartridge went into twilight many years ago and I certainly wouldn't consider shooting it and I RELOAD so I know whereof I speak
and I would NOT consider whomever quoted you 1500 as a "friend" of even a REASONABLE gunsmith, more likely a fellow that sees you with an open wallet and a soft heart- ie a greaser as known in the trade- that kind of money would allow you to strip everything but the shell, fit all new internals including a new barrel - I would imagine he'd get most if not all of his parts from numrich with a healthy mark-up- and they'd be used anyway- it's a early 30's gun- you won't find ANY new parts- just slightly less used ones
and if u do restore it, your main trouble will be FINDING CASES - you can cast your own bullets- and someone will have a recipe for it on the net

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IF it was my rifle, I would take the stock & fore-end off & as t-star said soak it for a week in penetrating oil to "free up the parts".
Then I would get the disassembly instructions from the NRA library & with the gunsmith screwdrivers I'd take it apart & clean it up as thoroughly as I could.

After that, I would either remove the firing pin & hang it over the mantle OR (if it turns out to be in usable shape,) I might try to refinish it myself.

MIDWAY ARMS sells freshly loaded .32 Remington ammo. for 38.oo per 20 rounds. - It is about equivalent to .30-30 Winchester & still suitable for deer out to 150M or so.

yours, sw
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one extra note- 32 Remington is NOT THE SAME AS 32 SPECIAL or whatever the Winchester one is- it's a RIMLESS - we don't have acess to midway in Canada- I wish we did as there are many items at midway we can't get
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You are 100% correct, though .32 Special & .32 Remington Rimless are TWINS ballistically.

Also, .30 Remington can be necked up & .35 Remington can be necked down to .32 Remington.

IF it was "a family gun" in my family, I would try to fix it. = Both the Model 14.5 & 141 are NICE rifles.
(As some here know, I collect Remington pump guns.)

yours, sw

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I killed my first buck with a .32 Rem back in 1965.
The rounds are different as the .32 Win special has
a rim like the 30/30.
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