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New 1892 Winchester lever take-down.

I'm gonna regret it when the bill comes ... but......
Just bought a new rifle. I saw it yesterday at a gunshow (I know I know....) didn't buy it then, but it grew on me overnight.
So today I returned and bought it -- and promptly escaped before anything else could tempt me!

It is a new manufacture Winchester 1892 takedown in .32-20. Pistol grip, checkered forend and stock, octagonal 20" barrel, rifle (crescent) buttplate.
A tad front heavy compared to my Browning B-92 (.44 mag) but hey it IS a rifle and takedown. Like my Browning it's made by Miroku in Japan.

I'm loving it.
Yea my onscreen avatar is "TommyGunn" but I DO LOVE those ol' timey Winchesters!!!!!
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Sounds like a nice one Tommy. I have a soft spot for the 32-20.
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That sounds all good TG but we need Pics to for the fellas who haven't been able to buy!
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A fella at the range last week had one of the new 1873's made by Miroku. If yours is as pretty as his, you've got a great rifle there.

We want gun porn.
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Yeah I probably would have gone weak in the knees for that one too.
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