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Exotic Calibers

I've always had a hankering to obtain a rifle in some "really" large exotic caliber like a 600 JDJ or a 50x3-1/4 Sharps 750 over the years. Don't ask me why -- there has always been this sirenic temptation to do so. So far I've avoided temptation. I just can't justify it in but the call always seems to be there. Maybe if there were a plague of woolly mammoths, then I could justify such a caliber but for now -- I can't.

So I was wondering...

What exotic calibers are calling others in this forum? What caliber and what turns you on to them?
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Re: Exotic Calibers

It's not too exotic but I've always kind of hankered for a .458 Win mag. My friend bought one, he told his wife it was in case the circus came to town and the elephant escaped. He allows me to shoot it off the bench at the range. It's a real kick.
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Re: Exotic Calibers

Any of 'em would take a big lottery win.
"...458 Win mag...off the bench..." Out of therapy yet?
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Re: Exotic Calibers

I have 2 rifles in 50bmg. I have a 454casull rev and T/C Encore pistol. I have 2 rifles in 45-70 and am working on a 50-70 trapdoor. I have been thinking about a 500S&W in the H&R handi rifle and/or in my T/C Encore pistol. For some reason I have wanted a 470 nitro double barrel......should take out any ground squirrels I can hit. I also have a 338 win mag

But also have a 204ruger varmit rifle and thinking about the new 17 rem cartridge. I have several 223 rifles and a Encore pistol and thinking about the 204 and/or 17 in the pistol also.
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Re: Exotic Calibers

Some big African game caliber. Something that people only want to shoot until they shoot it.

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Re: Exotic Calibers

I need one of these. http://www.mccannindustries.com/rifles/ ... arand.html
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Re: Exotic Calibers

I've always wanted a double rifle in .475 No. 2 Nitro Express, but the cost . . .

My largest hunting rifle is a Browning Safari .375 H&H which I've customized a bit . . . the gun fits me very well, has been completely reliable, and I've used it to good effect on a couple of cape buffalo, a lion, and various other critters.

But it's a standard cartridge, not the least exotic. If I felt I needed something with more thump, I'd get a .458 Lott . . . in a pinch, you can still shoot standard .458 Win Mag through it, but good Lott ammo will give 2300 ft/sec with a 500 grain bullet. This is about my limit for recoil tolerance.

I fired a .460 Weatherby once . . . I didn't like it at all.

Maybe some day I'll get a Sharps "Quigley" rifle . . . and I've always had a bit of a yen for a 577/450 Martini . . . but right now, I just don't have enough free time to mess around with a big BP gun.

The only "wildcat" cartridge I own is a 6.5 Ingram (.223 necked up), but that's in my Contender silhouette pistol.
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Re: Exotic Calibers

I have a Sako Safari in .375 H&H. Not all that exotic but practical for North American game. I have a custom Remington 700 in .244 Remington Ackley Improved.

The big classic cartridges that interest me are (In no specific order)
.470 Nitro Express
.416 Rigby
.404 Jefferies
.505 Gibbs

A friend of mine has a Ruger #1 in .416 Rigby. He's never shot it.
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Re: Exotic Calibers

A couple of years ago, a gentleman (ok, drunk redneck) who lived about 4 miles from me, took possession of a 600lb pet Bengal Tiger. That tiger was known to get out of his cage from time to time and had actually killed a calf once. This was a bit disconcerting to me, since at the time the most powerful rifle I had was a .270 Win. Now, Iím a huge advocate for the humble .270, but Iíll never claim it as a fight stopper against a tiger. Suddenly I found myself shopping .458ís and .375ís. A friend let me borrow a very nice Husqvarna 9.3x62 which, although on the small side, does have a good reputation as a fight stopper against Lion. Then another friend let me borrow a Payton .450 Black Powder Express hammer gun, which moved a 380 grain LBT WFN bullet at 2000fps; I slept much more comfortably.

Finally, enough neighbors complained and the county had him remove the Tiger. I donít know what went on, but about a month after the Tiger went, the drunk redneck, I mean gentleman, moved away too. The only down side to this story is; I had to give the guns back.

What I learned from this little adventure was... A .450 Black Powder Express rifle can be a lot of fun to shoot. Recoil isn't bad at all, kinda like a light weight .30-06; and some of those old doubles are downright accurate. Offhand at 150 yards I put two shots less than a half inch away from each other at 150 yards. At first I thought it was luck, until the gun's owner put two shots within 1.25" of each other right after I did. So now I want a .450 BPE. I would prefer it in a Westley Richards Boxlock to go along with my Westley Richards shotgun.
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Re: Exotic Calibers

I have a brand new Siamese Mauser less the extractor I was thinking of building a 45-70 on as I have seen a couple of them over the years. But with ammo at nearly fifty bucks a box (or has it passed that????) I figure such would be hard to sell down the road. Fortunately I have a 30 cal can full of 45-70 ammo that I got in a trade for a 45-70 but I let it go when I found a big loose spot in barrel about three inches in front of chamber.

Today my "exotic" calibers are Confederate Sabres. I designed and had reamers made for a 6.5, 7MM and 306 Cal Sabre. All are based on 303 British case fireformed.

The trouble with most "exotic" calibers is the dies are a abolute mint these days. 175.00 for a set of these is a bit much.

The Sabres were designed for the average guy to be able to afford to get dies for and be able to reload them and to be able to utilize the Pattern 14 actions or even No 4 actions to build them on. Also to recycle old chamber reamers.

The 6.5 Sabre utilizes 6.5X55 dies. The 7MM utilizes 7MM Mauser dies and the 306 Confederatre Sabre is/was my first effort and it came out beautiful. Imagine a 303 British case with a 30.06 shoulder/neck which allows about six more grains of propellant to be loaded after fire forming.

The dies are the best part. One simply takes a set of standard 30.06 dies, cuts .170" off the bottoms and you have a set of dies. The reamer is made by taking a tired 30.06 chamber reamer and reducing the body dimension to .454 (I think it was). The 30.06 reamer reduced the neck dimension a bit as well which was perfect since 303 brass is thin necked anyway.

If anyone has a hankering for such Dave Manson has the drawing for the reamer or get with me and I will get you the dimensions.

There is another conversion I did which worked out exceptionally well. 300 Confederate Sharpshooter. This is done with two reamers. First take a 300 Savage reamer and chamber it long. Next run a 30.06 reamer in to lengthen the neck but not touch the shoulder. I then run 308 cases in a 300 Savage trim die and reduce the shoulder diameter down to allow 308 cases to chamber and load them as you normally would with the 300 Savage dies.

The shortcoming of the 300 Savage is the short neck. Also the brass is very hard to find and all commercial which doesn't last long. This conversion allows the more plentiful 308 cases (LC for me) to be used and gives the round a longer neck which is a plus. Also calls for a little less propellant which makes the case a more efficient combustion chamber and still delivers 308 velocity.

It sounds more technical than it really is. This rifle is one of my best grouping rifles. I later learned Speedy Gonzales did a similar thing except (if I remember correctly) he short chambered a 300 Savage and lengthened the neck as I did to make a reduced capacity 300 Savage for bench rest shooting which he told me was a very nice set up as well. I forget what he called it but he won alot of BR matches with it.

And finally the best part of all these. If some druggie steals your gun, he can't use it unless he is a reloader which I have never heard of that combo haha.

So it is exotic be definition, affordable by the hip national bank, accurate to boot and allows the P14 to be rebarreled with a safe pressure round as they can be quite dangerous with magnum chamberings. DO NOT MAKE A MAGNUM OUT OF A P14 action. ! ! ! ! ! ! !! Unless you put me down as a beneficiary.
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Re: Exotic Calibers

A friend of mine owns a double rifle that was built for Herman GŲring and it is in 7mmx75mm. Yes, it is not a typo but is indeed a 7mm x 75mm (not 7mm x 57mm); how is that for an exotic caliber. Yes, ammo is available for it but only in Germany (and a few other countries) not America.
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Re: Exotic Calibers

I've lately had a strange desire for a Mauser chambered for either 9x57mm or 9.3x57mm. Maybe those arent all that exotic? I had a college buddy who went on to become a career man in the US Army. The first time he was stationed in Germany, he had a chance to go hunting over there and bought himself a new German rifle for the occaision. Chambering? Plain vanilla .30/06! In his place, I would have gotten something in a more "German" chambering.
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