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Winchester .307 caliber

Is anyone making a lever action rifle in .307 now ?
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The .307 Winchester is perhaps the best tube fed deer cartridge ever created, but it's dead as a doornail. With that said, it still has a cult following that is doing their best to live in denial. The Big Bore 94 was the only rifle made in .307 Winchester and those are going for crazy prices these days. The best alternative is to get a very new Marlin 336 and send it off to Nonneman for a .307 conversion. Last I heard, the rechamber job was running about $125.00.

When the conversion is done, the gun will shoot with .307 or .308 brass (but it's not safe to fire factory .308 rounds). Using .308 brass is recommended for practice only as there are some functioning challenges with this rimless case. What's more, the .308 has a larger case capacity so .307 data will leave you with slower velocities. .307 Brass is getting a bit scarce so the best idea is to make your own .307 cases from .444 Marlin cases, which is fairly easy when you have dies. When all is done, case capacity is nearly identical as is case life... Simply put, it's the way to go.

The case forming dies will be a bit pricey, but they will pay for themselves in time, if not in hard dollars, in convenience.

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I was told 307 was like souped up 30/30 . To bad . Now is a bad time for lever guns .
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just simplfiy things and buy a 300 savage model 99

same ballistics as a 307, better gun
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Like a Souped Up Thirty Thirty

The 307 is a lot more powerful than a Improved or whatever thirty thirty, think of a 308 for comparison with a twenty inch barrel. The Big Bores were some of the best Winchesters made in Model 94. They were the first to have forged receivers again after sixty four and all were XTR finish wood and metal. have a second year Big Bore in 356 Win, without the push through safety and it is a dream rifle. Sold in once in a fit of insanity and bought it back at a fifty dollar premium. The price increase means little to me as I would never selll it and have a stock of two hundred and two fifty grain cartridges plus brass. Favorite lever action.
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307/356 win reloading with lever evolution components ?

Has this been done already ? Any data to kick around ?
307 win. with a 160 gr evolution bullet and the "light magnum powder ". , then how about a 200 gr evolution bullet in a 356 win with" light magunum powder "?

PS, model 94win bigbore /xtr's for test guns/pressures
also have an marlin ER but hav'nt run it throught yet.

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