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Bronze vs. steel wool

This may be a stupid question, but can bronze wool be used in lieu of steel wool on stocks?
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This may be off-question, but I had a heck of a time finding it - finally had to settle for a copper scrub pad. I wanted it to work on some rust I had on my new Krag - my theory being the softer copper/brass would not be as harmful as steel wool to whatever finish was left.
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Why use bronze wool on a wood stock? Bronze wool is useful on finished metal when you want to remove surface rust or corrosion without altering what remains of the underlying finish.

I've found that the green 3M scouring pads work very well to strip old finishes from a rifle stock and the brown 3M pads for wood work well to clean up an oiled stock prior to a fresh coat of finish.
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These days you're better off using synthetic pads. Easier to find than bronze or stainless steel wool.

Steel wool has several problems:
One, it's got oil in it to prevent the pad from rusting. This can contaminate the finish.

Second, if you use a water-based stain or finish on the wood, the tiny bits of steel wool that are embedded in the wood grain will rust, staining the wood.

Synthetics are easier on your hands too.
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Bronze wool is available from Brownells and is WONDERFUL for light rust\discoloration on metal.I never tried it in wood.
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i've found bronze brushes work well on rust if you can't find bronze wool.
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Hopefully y'all don't send a lynch mob after me.

I "cleaned up" a Model 1917 Enfield stock with straight Murphys Oil Soap and a Scotch Bright pad. Removed the extra oil soap with damp rags, then applied a light coat of B.L.O.

The results I got caused a few friends of mine to think I'd gotten another Enfield.
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