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Any of the rds discussed has enough power for stopping men., especially with a good hp or sp bullet. But then, so does the 223. While today's prices on AR's are quite exorbitant, they will not remain so much longer. Ditto the price of ammo. It's just too easy to make more for the prices to stay at these levels much longer. A few shipping containers full of 22lr will make a big difference, very soon now! The 223 autos offer the option of a .22lr conversion unit, which is a huge advantage. So is the ready availability of luminous iron sights, night sights, drop in trigger jobs, etc, available for the AR-15.
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M1 Carbine with 110 grain Soft Points, yes! 12 Gauge with bird shot, no. Watch Brassfetchers gelatin tests with bird shot. (number eight). It does not penetrate.

Check and see for yourself.
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Bren gun
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To All,

Someone mentioned a LA rifle/carbine in a pistol caliber for HD.

Fwiw, I used to have a Marlin Model 1894 in .357 Mag to "match" the Model 65 revolver that I routinely carried in "those days of yore" (To the "youngsters" here, there was a time, in the life of some of the EOF here, when virtually all the LEOs carried a Colt's or S&W wheel-gun or a Colt's .45ACP pistol.), when I was a city marshal here in TX.
(Even in 2016, our Texas Rangers routinely carry a pair of Colt's .45 GM or GCs. = I know one Ranger Captain who carries a pair of GM on OTB holsters & a Colt's "miniaturized"/"cut-down" GM by Armand Swenson in a concealed holster for "insurance". = Quite WELL-ARMED is he.)

In those "long ago DAZE", I kept my little Marlin in the gun-rack in the back window of my PU & shot numerous roaming feral dogs, coyotes & an occasional cottonmouth with it..
(Remember when every "Cowboy Cadillac" had a rack with a rifle/shotgun in the rear window??)
While I never had occasion to fire the Marlin at a person, while on/off the job, I never doubted that it would do the job out to 100M. = It never failed to fire a single time, when used for predator control, so I wouldn't worry overmuch about whether a pistol-cartridge is suitable for HD or not.
(One of my cousins "swapped me out of" the Marlin carbine & in the last 20+ years has never failed to harvested his WT with it, while "still-hunting", in the NETX brush/swamps. - I doubt that he's ever fired at a deer beyond 30M, as you cannot SEE a deer much farther than that in the dense brush/switchcane in the river bottoms where we hunt. - Fwiw, I've had a tree-stand up in the top of a big pecan tree at 40-50 feet & I cannot see more than 50M even from "up there", in all but one direction.)

just my OPINION, sw

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