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bfulghum 08-22-2005 06:02 PM

1903 Stripper Clips
He guys.

I'm planning to try my 03 in the local hi-power matches. I figure I'll have to use stripper clips to load for the rapid fire. Has anyone else tried this or should I just use the Garand and forget it.

Got some clips on mail order. Any technique tips would be welcome!

Bob F

nbkky71 08-23-2005 08:01 AM

I can't recall a time that I've even seen anyone shoot an '03 in a match and NOT use stripper clips. Definately go ahead and get them.

Creedmoor sports carries stainless steel stripper clips. You'll get more life out of them than USGI ones. USGI stripper clips are intended to be disposable. ... t=0&page=1

As for technique...
All I can say is work on getting a good, solid position and practice, practice and practice. And practice some more.

JJRea 08-24-2005 03:07 PM

I take it you can use the .308 one's for the 06?

JAS 08-24-2005 03:57 PM

No, the little knobs on the side of the clips are in different places on the 1903 and M14 strippers.

JJRea 08-25-2005 10:30 AM

well the one listed for creedmore sports I only see come in .308 or .223. And I went on champions choice and couldn't find them. Can someone help me find some good ones?????

Thunderstick 08-25-2005 11:57 AM

Yes JJRea, .308 and .30-06 are interchangable

JJRea 08-25-2005 04:01 PM

THank you!

rifle guy 08-25-2005 04:13 PM

308 and 30.06 will both fit in the M14 strippers and the strippers for the 03's. BUT, as JAS says the bumps or knobs are not the same and the M14 strippers are no good for the 03's.

Anyone need some M14 strippers, cheep?

Just My Experience,

rifle guy

Ridge Runner 11-09-2005 07:02 PM

Swedish stripper clips work for 1903a3
I picked up a ton of new Swedish stripper clips and they work really well for a 1903a3.

I think these stripper clips are better than the originals.

HighPowerShooter 11-09-2005 08:11 PM

The SS strippers that Creedmore sells work for the 1903/A3 I use them exclusively for my 1903A3 in bolt gun matches.

SoDak 11-10-2005 04:31 AM

Here's what I did for some cheap stripper clips. I would load up a aussie stripper clip that same in 308 with 3006. Then I'd grab the end round and basically twist the clip back and forth till it loosend up enough so that it would work. No, they do not fit the guid correctly, but they work good enough. The only problem is that I don't think I can use them for 308 anymore.

Airborne146 11-12-2005 09:07 PM

Where can I find Swedish stripper clips on the net? Anyone selling?

Ridge Runner 11-13-2005 06:27 AM

Stripper clips

Originally Posted by Airborne146
Where can I find Swedish stripper clips on the net? Anyone selling?

Sportsmans guide is selling a ton.....I believe that Samco Global is selling them in small lots also........let me know what you find.

Airborne146 11-13-2005 08:13 AM

Sportsmans guides got some but you have to buy the package of 400 for $99.00.

Samco Global has several different options. 40 for $14.00.

delloro 11-13-2005 09:18 AM

spg just dropped their price.

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