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Location: Cleveland, Ohio
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Hello from Cleveland!


I live in Cleveland, Ohio (a suburb of). I am in search of outdoor ranges I can use to train, not just stand behind a bench and shoot. If anyone knows of anywhere let me know!

I look forward to reading!
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Welcome to GUNHUB. There are many knowledgeable and interesting people here.

As an aside, I was born in Cleveland Ohio on Sept 1, 1955. What's going on there now?
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Old 01-04-2017, 03:45 AM   #3
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Location: Cleveland, Ohio
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TommyGun, despite negative press, Cleveland is doing some good things nowadays. Some younger people are moving back into the city and fixing run down neighborhoods. The city will always have its problems but things are actually better than they were even 5 years ago.
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Welcome to the board though I know nothing about Cleveland ranges. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
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I left Cleveland in 2004 and came to Florida to keep my soft cushy Government job.

The closest outdoor range was in Ashland Ohio about 60 miles south.

Who doesn't know the current status, or quality but:
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Old 01-05-2017, 05:54 PM   #6
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welcome aboard
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Howdy, and welcome.

I lived in Cleveland a very long time ago and while I know zip about the area now, I do have an original Chief Wahoo.

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Welcome! Don't know of any ranges up that way, but I would LOVE to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
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