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New guy here in Nebraska

I'm closer to 50 then 40 and I have a thing for classic weapons. I've got a Marlin 336, M1 Garand and a Colt Government 1991. Being from Nebraska I open carry my Colt everywhere I go except Omaha and have had zero problems. I enjoy running out to our outdoor range here in Lincoln or heading out to the in-laws and blowing through a few boxes of ammo.
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I was born in the Omaha area, but haven't lived there since I was a kid. This fall I took a road trip from the Carolinas to Idaho and Montana, and made it a point to explore the central and western parts of the state I've always considered home. On the westbound leg I stopped in Grand Island for a tour of the Hornady factory and in Sydney to make a pilgrimage to the Cabelas mother ship. On the way back east I drove the entire length of the Sand Hills from up near Chadron back down to Grand Island. Omaha (although an island of left wing thinking) has been cleaned up and turned in to a pretty cool river city at the threshold of the west. All-in-all I can think of a lot worse places to live than Cornhusker land.
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You'll meet some really knowledgeable folks here and I think you like the place. Anyway, welcome and enjoy.
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Welcome! This place is low and slow, not fast and furious, and we like it like that!
Who notes the signal / noise ratio is excellent!
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What they said. Welcome, sir.
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