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Newbie from Indiana

Hello GunHub

I just found this site doing a search for Gunny Paste and I registered.

About me, I enjoy taking my nephews out on the farm to shoot their .22s as well as shooting various firearms myself. I reload & collect WWI and WWII firearms. I need about 8 more mausers to finish a collection. Im a Ruger Revoler and S&W automatic kind of guy (lets see if there are haters about that one).

Hope to find some good information & maybe drop a bit of knowledge here & there as well.

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That'd be up around Allen/Whitley Counties in the tri-state area, right? I have cousins back there... lots of long flights back to see the rels as a kid.

Welcome aboard, and next time you're at Coney Island downtown have one for me too.
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Welcome aboard. Enjoy yourself.
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