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FNG new guy

Hello peoples I'm new here and wanted to say hello.I'm from north west Texas and on the border with Oklahoma. I'm retired/and disabled Vietnam vet. I posted in the guns wanted before I posted here. Any way hello.
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That would be up in the Panhandle area of Texas. I'm originally from the West Texas cowtown of Big Spring but have lived in San Antonio for years.

Anyway, welcome to the Hub. Think you will find some interesting people and stories here.
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Welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy yourself.

While I was born in Houston and my wife in San Antonio we both went to West Texas State (now West Texas A&M) in Canyon just South of Amarillo. Beautiful county in a rolling plains sort of way and then there's the Palo Duro Canyon.
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i'm in north texas- they call that ALBERTA. canada
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Welcome sir, and thank you for your service.
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Old 11-18-2015, 09:26 AM   #6
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Welcome. I lived in Lubbock for a few years. Nice neck o' the woods.

If there were woods.
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Guess a lot of people here have Texas in their background. Lived in San Antonio a LONG time ago, Basic and Tech School at Lackland, and relatives in Lubbock.

Welcome aboard! Have fun.
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Well, I was at Ft. Hood for 39 months..
Welcome aboard!

Who notes the military gives one a lot of interesting experiences.
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Fyi, I currently reside about 5 miles from our Alamo Shrine.

yours, sw
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