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Howdy from Florida

Just registered and looking forward to getting some info on my S&W model 29-2 which was my dad's service revolver from 1975 to 1996 when he passed.
I also have his S&W model 39-2, both guns are nickel plated and I keep them clean and shoot both occasionally at the range.
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Addenda: I was really busy before but when I was a young LEO I carried a 4" Model 29 & kept it loaded with LSWC .44SPL loads. = I liked that one but when I changed departments the new boss thought that it was too much gun for a duty carry handgun. It got traded off for a Model 65 S&W.
(Wishing that I had kept it and all the other dozen or more revolvers that I carried on duty over the 3 decades.)

yours, satx

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Welcome donmecca. Feel free to peruse the forums and don't be afraid to participate and have fun. All we require is civil discourse.
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Howdy, donmecca. Welcome. Best gun board around.
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Welcome. You'll find this forum very knowledgeable and very civil.

Except for the original S&W ".44 Magnum", the 29-2 may be the most desirable Model 29 to have. It was the last model made with a pinned barrel and recessed chambers. While others will be quick to point out that the lack of these features doesn't lessen the utility of the subsequent versions, their presence represented pride of craftsmanship on S&W's part.

Since your Dad carried yours for almost twenty years, I'm guessing it's a shooter rather than a show dog. I hope you're a reloader, because shooting the model 29 with somewhat reduced loads is a pure pleasure. She's big enough to absorb a lot of recoil, and yet still feels very comfortable in the hand. Some pics would be great.
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Welcome from 29.7153 N 81.2392 W, Hope Ya'll got your Hurricane Cabinet Stocked.
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Welcome aboard. You have a couple of great Smith & Wesson's there; awesome. I've always wanted a 39-2 just because they fit my hand so well and they're so nice to shoot at the range.
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Welcome from the First Coast and the other side of FL.
Who is a fresh baked FL cracker. Once you've been here a few years you can stop claiming to be from wherever it was you was from. But the local born will still regard you as FNGs forever.
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Originally Posted by M118LR View Post
Welcome from 29.7153 N 81.2392 W, Hope Ya'll got your Hurricane Cabinet Stocked.
The Man from Rattlesnake Island...sounds like a Louis LaAmour title if I ever heard one!

Who prefers his ex-potato farm on higher ground north and inland.
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