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Refinishing M1A stock

After much reading, I decided to use Forby's Tung oil on my M1A's Boyd's oversized walnut stock. My stock had no finish on it, just plain from Springfield Armory. This is the first time I have used Tung oil to finish a stock off. I read the instructions and have applied 2 coats of tung oil as per instructions, rubbing it into the wood. The can says hi gloss. What kind of results can I expect from this product and how long do I need to wait between coats and how many coats should a minimum be, any suggestions or comments would be well appreciated, and pictures would be as well, thanks Billy
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Billy, I used the same stuff, mainly just to pretty up that nice walnut stock (I shoot with a synthetic). The problem with Formby's is that it has some varnish in it, so it's way more shiny than just PTO. Fortunately, that's what I kind of wanted. It took me four coats, waiting about 24 hours between, and lots of handrubbing to get it somewhat glossy, and then another two to get it just short of Win Model 70 stock "glassiness". Each coat after 4 makes it WAY more glossy, I bet cause all the pores are filled and it isn't absorbed anymore. I don't think an M-14 stock is "supposed" to be that glossy, but it looks real nice during the week on my wall, and then looks mean in a Krylon olive drab synthetic from Fred's on the weekends. Hope that helps.
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Okay, I put 2 coats on it today, with an old tee shirt, rubbing it in. In the morning I'll put another on. Am I supposed to wait until it is fully dried to mess with it? It says about 12 hrs on the can. How do I hand rub it, with steel wool first, fine of course, then a rag and just rub it hard and vigerous or what. I want to do it right, just looking for pointers, thanks Billy
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You should wait a minimum of 24 hours between coats, and more depending on the humidity. The finish you are using is a varnish/oil blend, not a pure oil finish, so once its set, all subsiquatnt coats bulild up on top of the first coat, and don't soak in like on an natural oil finish. The more coats you put on, the heavier the finish on top of the wood is going to be. Anything much over three or four coats is just going to be building up on top of the stock.
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Hi Billy, I agree with Tea, 4 coats max, you shouldnt need to steel wool the toungue oil, it pretty much sinks into the wood. If you want it to shine, after its good and dry, rub it with a brown paper bag, like the old grocery bags, sounds funny but give it a try!
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I use Behr Tung Oil. It's actually a blend of Tung Oil and BLO. It works nicely as well. Put it on for 15 minutes then rub off the excess. Put it on etc....
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Another good product I use and recommend is Birchwood Casey Tru Oil. It doesn't build up nearly as fast as a varnish, requiring up to a dozen coats or more to achieve a high gloss. Results are well worth the effort. I've done two Mauser stocks and a walnut M-14 stock, and they seemed to "glow." Really brings out the wood grain. Looking forward to re-finishing a Garand stock when it arrives.
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I have done over a dozen M1 Garand stocks using Minwax Tung Oil Finish. If you don't want the glossy finish, just lightly rub it down with 0000 steel wool after it has dried and before you apply the next coat. Then, when that one dries, do the same thing with the steel wool. It turns out pretty nice.
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