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to all,

LOTS of the smaller sheriff's offices, police departments, city marshals & constables offices here in TX have/use M-14 rifles that they got CHEAP from the government.

also, some of our Rangers MAY have/be carrying them.
(Rangers can carry/use ANY weapon that they choose to.)

i have been told, but can NOT confirm, that at least some of those agencies have been asked to return them to the military services for the war effort, as there are NOT enough of the MBR to go around.
(GEE THANKS,"wee willie klintoon" for destroying MANY perfectly good M-14 rifles AND for selling our M-14 machinery, for almost nothing, to Taiwan!)

NOTE: wee willie klintoon was "concerned, that at some future date, that civilians might have access to these machineguns. destroying them will assure that that never happens."
(fwiw, that sort of brain-DEAD, STUPID comment is what passes for INTELLIGENT discourse among leftists!)

yours, sw
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I was out BSing with the range guys a few days ago while they were doing inventory. Not only do they have 30 or so M14 (some still in their plastic bags), they also have a few dozen M1 Garands! They are all Springfields, except for one that is CAI receivered. I had to jet off on a call so I didn't get to see if they had any ammo to feed those M1's.

With the wars winding down I would think that the Feds will not be asking for many M14's back.....................I hope. I'd love to tear a few of those down.
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I was issued a beautiful TRW back in about 09. Our dept acquired them through the 1033 program also. If I recall correctly we got 5 - 14s and 7 - 16A1s. Kept it for three years as my primary patrol rifle. Capt decided to pass them along to a smaller dept but was not ever asked to return them. We had acquired our own M4s by that time.

I owned an early SAI select-fire rifle but had the opportunity to trade into an M1 Thompson (Savage mfg.). I miss the select-fire 14 but have others.

Still own a Socom and have a JRA.

Working on an LRB now. I plan on getting a new Bula also.

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