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In Israel, the Carbine keeps going and going.

M1 Carbine still in use by Israeli tour guides - The Firearm Blog

Apparently, Israeli tour guides love the carbine, and carry it on the job.

Keeps going and going and going... (Cue the bunny.)

"You think they'll have that on the tour?" - Jeff Goldblum, Jurassic Park
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Yes, I've seen photos of people detailed as school guards armed with the M-1 Carbine.
They are almost perfect PDWs, lacking really, only the full auto mode. To be sure the carbine doesn't really need the FA mode, you can rapid fire it as a semiauto very fast.
If the weapon is in good condition it will be every bit as effective as it was in WW2.
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Btw, in the early days of the war in RVN, MOST advisors PREFERRED the carbine to other available "long-guns".

yours, sw
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The carbine fills a niche perfectly. What more can you ask?

Who notes the layout was popular with Ruger 10/22 buyers for many years, and the Mini-14 is still selling, but it's awful heavy for the round.
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Full-auto seems to be becoming over rated these days.
While there are times it may be useful, it seems most "high speed-low drag" units don't use it at all.

For units like the Rangers, who've been doing really heavy duty door kicking ops since 9-11, everything is fast semi-auto one to two round taps.
Full-auto seems to be used mostly by the untrained AK shooters who use full-auto for everything.

The Carbine certainly can still deliver the goods today, just like it did in 1944.
For a usually female tour guide who needs to be armed, the light, short, handy and low recoil Carbine sounds like an excellent choice.
Whether it's because they have a lot of Carbines or someone was thinking, the Carbine is great.

I was thinking the other day that If I couldn't have my Colt M4 I'd be rather uncertain whether I'd rather have my AK-74 or a Carbine.
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Bearing in mind the only one I've live-fired was the AK (and it wrecked my shoulder for a week) and dry-handled the M16/AR platform (busted firing pin, spares were a mile away back at the shop), frankly in my case the M1 might be a better choice than EITHER. (With some torso-shape issues, particularly an odd ribcage and underdeveloped pecs, my shoulder is unable to form the "pocket" a rifle or shotgun stock is supposed to fit into, so it's conceivable that a "heavy pistol caliber" long gun might be a better fit for folks like me.)
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I have a fella I shoot with on occasion who is about 25 years my senior(75) and a VM vet.He loves for me to bring out the carbine for as you stated Diamondback he can no longer maintain the larger caliper rifles anymore.He was a radio/communications in Nam and the M1 was his sidekick and I know he mentions the 1911/45 often and was quite proficient with it.When I go to his place his sons my age and alittle younger all shoot for hours whilst I bring about six different rifles and several hundred rounds of ammo.
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M1 Carbines are issued to Ethnically Arab Israeli Citizens. The thought process is that Arab Citizens are very likely to "lose" their weapon to a hostile Palestinian. So they issue the Carbine for two reasons. 1 - It's a bit "obsolete" and gives the enemy a slight tactical disadvantage because .30 Carbine ammo is tightly controlled in Israel. 2 - When a Palestinian attacker is found with an M1 Carbine, they know whom to track that carbine back to.

It's sad that there is a second class group of citizens in Israel, I feel for them. But the reality is, the Israeli citizens of Arab decent have had a habit of passing arms to Palestinians.

One of these days they'll give them new rifles, but I'm betting it will NOT be a TAVOR and it will NOT be in 5.56.
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