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SW oiler

I just picked up a SW in a circle on the top. Anyone with information on that one here?
I will post a picture when I can sneek the carbine in the house.
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Roger, according to Riesch, International Silver made oilers for early Winchesters that were "SW" and "BW" circled. HTH
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Thanks, Mike,
Page 90. I thought I have read that somewhere but could not remember for sure. The leather washer is in good shape too. It came on what appears to be an original 5.6 Winchester I picked up this week. The owner posted pictures of it on CSP about four weeks ago. The front sight is unmarked with no nail cut. I have not looked close at it yet.
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Well, I'm not so sure that SW is a Winchester oiler---and, despite what Reisch "says", there never was anything such as a BW marked Oiler. An IW, yes----but never a BW.

I've heard speculation that SW is Stanley for Winchester and that it was a very early Winchester oiler-----but if that is so, why aren't any of the SW's blued---like other early Carbine oilers?? That doesn't make sense to me.

Why were the SW's the only oilers marked on the top of the cap?

I suspect that the SW oiler was, in fact, actually made for the M3 "Grease Gun" SMG. I've never been able to tell (for certain) whether the SW is Stanley Works (my hunch), Sparks Withington or Star Watch Case Company.
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Maybe Bill can find the WWII contract records for them.
Sometimes I am as bad as a newdie thinking the "books" are right, when I want them to be.
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Chairborne Ranger has given you all the information that is available. I have no contracts for the SW oiler, which means:
  • They were made in very small quantity. (Not so, too many around)

    They were subcontracted to another company. (Nothing has shown up in prime contractor records)

    They were made sometime after Sep 1945. (Information too hard to find)

It remains a mystery. Final note: Nothing against a specific author, but expect some of the facts in the books to be found wrong. The last few years a large quantity of material was declassified and many of the contracts are now in my possession.

I think the author mistook the Blake Oiler marked BK and made an error thinking it was a BW. It can happen to any one of us.
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Old 09-15-2005, 03:33 PM   #7
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Seeing this post jogged my memory for SW oiler. After a little records search ( my records) I found this one , oddly enough in a
5.7 mil Win., that is an AA rebuild . This made me think about the reference to SW push safetys being either Winchester or Standard Prod. depending on which reference you use. I do have a Stand. Prod that has SW marked safety, hammer and sear. Looking further I see my 6.4 mil Win also has a SW oiler. But I cannot find any other parts in my Win.'s that are SW marked. Soooo another (?) goes into the comments collumn of my SW oilers.
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