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Re: Thanks!

Originally Posted by dk8019
Thanks for the reply Marine1, and congrats on your sons wedding! The info on the parts make sense, I'm guessing Old Sacramento Arms tried to make them look as presentable as possible, do you suppose that's when the USGI parts were added, or did Howa use some of them in the original manufacture? I'm still working on the translation, but if I were to venture a guess its a name, but I'll let you know when I come up with something more concrete. I will definetely do as you suggest, clean it up, and put it away. Its not a shooter, and as I don't intend to collect the things, I suppose it will one day be sold to someone who will appreciate it fully to finance another purchase.
Thank you dk8019. He waited long enough to marry! As I indicated below, these carbines were refurbished with (no doubt) USGI parts, and were also incorporated earlier, with the massive supply the US Governmemnt included with the original shipment as outlined below, from the Archive Files. As for your tag, it's probably a name, I would venture to say, but nothing in stone? Wise decision to clean it up and store it away. Great trading material. I do believe... one day, it will be highly in demand for those who try to collect one of each. BTW... how many of you guys have a Springfield Armory gun, in your collection?? All you need is a USGI Receiver and Barrel, with as many SA marked parts, as you can find. Should be an easy one to build, and least expensive...IMO! SA parts show up quite frequently, today. I had one, that I built, several years ago. Several of my old timers collecting buddies were scratching their heads, wondering why they did not think of this simple incorporation to their collections? Just an idea that popped into my head one day, and I followed through with it.
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Well, I got her all cleaned up and ready for storage. To be quite honest I don't really have any guns I don't shoot at leat a few times a year, any pointers on storage? I basically took it completely apart, and oiled them well with synthetic gun oil of some sort that was around, and cleaned the stock with some normal wood cleaner/polish and but it in a case and stored it away for now. I've almost got my gun room complete, my wife and I bought a house, and I got the basement to do with as I please so the old root cellar will be the gun room. Its one of those rooms with 12 inch thick poured concrete walls, just got to get a heavy steel door on it and I'm good to go. I just got the temperature and humidity control setup in the room, so that should be ok, just haven't moved anything down there yet until the door is in place.
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Originally Posted by JR
dk, I have seen several over the past 20 years. All of them looked as though the barrel had a small ring, or bulge, in them just back of the gas port. As I've never been in a position to pull one apart to look, I don't know if that was cosmetic, or not. The bulge prevented me from buying them a decade ago when they were selling for under $300.
JR, I believe the "small ring or appearing bulge" in the barrel, is from the bayonet attachment which was affixed to the barrel during manufacture of the 10,000 Thai Howa carbine's. It is "not' a defect.
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