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It's gotta stop sometime........

But apparently not yet.
I bought a new pistol today. I wasn't planning on it...but made the mistake of stopping at Academy Sports since it didn't look too crowded.
They had a new S&W "Victory" model, a .22LR caliber target pistol with those nice plastic dot type sights that gather ambient light. followed me home. Very nice add to my Browning Buckmark, and Ruger Mk. III collection. Now, trying to decide which to shoot at any particular time is gonna be really hard ----only have TWO hands, ya know!
Let's see if I can get my almost decent photo to load:
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I feel your pain, Tommy. Most of my acquisitions are impulse buys.

For what it's worth, in the issue before last of American Hangunner the editor re-visited the Victory model, and reported reliable and accurate performance over the last year or so.

Enjoy your early Christmas present!
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Handsome pistol. I'll be interested to find out how you like it.

I find it interesting that rimfire guns sell remarkably well while the ammo is still somewhat hard to find and usually pushes 10 cents a round when you can find it.
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