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Originally Posted by Diamondback View Post
Meanwhile a different threat comes from behind... calling Lifelong Until Last Year New York Liberal Dem Trump a "Republican" is like putting a prosthetic appendage and a Brooks Brothers suit on a woman and calling her a "man."

I'll give him a chance to prove he's changed, but I won't bet anything I actually give half a crap about on it--he's already welshing on reinvestigating Killary for one... though I like his rumored choice for EPA.

Matthew 7:16 (a favorite scripture among Behavioral Analysis types)
Get this - his rumored choice for Secretary of the Treasury:
President-elect Donald Trump is considering offering the post of Treasury secretary to JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, CNBC's Kate Kelly is reporting.

A lifelong Democrat, Dimon supported Barack Obama in 2008 and during the aftermath of the financial crisis.
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This is a topic for a whole 'nother thread, but "former Democrat" is an honorable condition.

I was raised a Democrat. Although I was born a yankee, I've lived most of my life in the South, and most of my friends were born Democrats. Being Democrats was almost as much a part of our lives as religion in some cases. But the party of Truman and Kennedy is long gone, and most of us were able to gradually shift party allegiance, often after prolonged soul searching and examinations of conscience.

We didn't leave the Democratic Party; the Democratic Party left us. If Donald Trump is a late-comer to this bandwagon, I have no quarrel with his conversion.
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I haven't followed this thread in awhile but S&W has really changed. Their longtime PR firm is gone and if they have been replaced they aren't sending out press releases.

Many of the "old guard" folks at upper levels at S&W are now at Ruger. wonder why?
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