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Nighthawk takes the Hi-Power the 1911 Clone route...

I was looking over one of those NRA "Buy raffle tickets for guns!" ads in the mail, and what should grab my eye but a Nighthawk Custom version of the venerable Browning Hi-Power.

Being a Hi-Power enthusiast, I have often wondered if someone would clone it at a high level, similar to the 1911 clone movement which brought the 1911 to a new level over the past 30 or so years. In a similar fashion to the Computer cloners who made their own versions of and eventually supplanted the IBM personal computer in the 1980s and 1990s, the 1911 "cloners" bumped up the handgun with numerous variants at numerous price points and targeted to different markets of handgun enthusiasts. From AMT to Detonics to Kimber to Les Baer, and many others across the board, they all helped elevate the 1911 to new levels and continue the lineage of the venerable Colt .45 automatic.

It looks like Nighthawk Custom is, dare I say, taking a shot at it in their own way. With the Browning Hi-Power. Something I heartily endorse. I already own a Browning Hi-Power, but I am probably going to send in that raffle ticket. If this pistol takes root out there, there may be other versions, and other manufacturers, who get on board with Hi-Power variants of their own.

If another famous Browning-designed handgun is any indication, there is massive potential out there for the Hi-Power.

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It's the prettiest Hi-Power I've ever seen...I'll give them that.
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Just from appearance, they screwed up the sights. On my HP MkIII, you look through the sights, not over them. 0.1" front sight, rear sight with a 0.145" notch. When I first got it, I decided right away that when I got the money, those sights were going to change. The ones on the HP stayed the same, I put the slide of my 1911s and other autos in the milling machine and hogged out the rear sights. Made a world of difference.
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