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trouble with 45acp reloading

Hey guys I have a problem I hope you can help me with.
I have RCBS 45acp dies.
When I try to resize the 45 case I have one heck of a time getting them to go up into the die. I have to wiggle the case to get it to go in and when you're doing 200 to 500 rounds it gets real frustrating.
These are fired cases and the resizing is the first step I do. It seem that they just don't line up right. What am I doing wrong?
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It's probably not a problem with the cases. More likely, there's an alignment issue with the ram and the die.

We'd need more information, like the make and model of the press, which shell holder you're using, how you've adjusted the die in the press, etc.

If it's a progressive press, it could be a timing issue; on a single stage, I think the first thing I'd check is how well the shell holder is seated, and if it's the correct one for the caliber.

Where are you in Nebraska? I'm originally from that neck o' the woods.
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One way to eliminate these issues is to always align all the dies before using.

To do that, screw the die in and adjust it to your satisfaction, then before tightening the locking ring, put a fired case in the shell holder and run it up into the die.
THEN tighten the locking ring with the case fully up in the die.
This will force the die into alignment with the shell holder.

Do this on all dies. The threads on the dies and the press are deliberately loose specifically to allow aligning the dies this way.

Another check it limit feed problems to insure the press is either level on the bench or slightly tilted to the back.
If it needs to be tilted to the back, the thickness of a thin washer under the two front mounting bolts is plenty.
This will cause the case to stay fully seated in the case holder and aid in feeding into the die.
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Capt is right and it probably is alignment. Give use some more information.

I once had the same problem and was about ready to throw the thing out the door when I finally figured out that the shell holder wasn't quite seated in the ram... sheesh..
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Originally Posted by Ralph Blake View Post
Are you doing full length resizing of these cases?
There is no way I know of to neck size 45 ACP. So I would assume he is doing full length resizing.
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