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Interarms Walther

Hey folks!

A customer at the store I work at came in and was telling me about a pistol he found in his grandfathers basement awhile back. I was intriged, so he brought it in for me to check out. First off, the pistol was laying on its side on a damp sweater or something for years, and half of the slide is so pitted, you can't read anything on it more than "Mod" for model I'm assuming and "Munich Germany". He lightly ground the rust off and had a friend refinish it, but as to what model it was, I haven't the slightest clue. The other side of the slide has Interarms on it, and the serial number is 01 20780. It fires 9mm kurz. Can anyone tell me what model this is and roughly how old it is? Thanks!
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It almost has to be either a PP or- more likely-PPK/s. If you can measure the barrel length that will probably tell.

Interarms was the exclusive importer for quite awhile until about 2000 when S&W became the importer.
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Walther produced their pistols in Germany , France,(Manhurin), and from 1986 to 2001,were produced BY Interarms in Alexandria Va. The PP is the 'police pistol', the PPK is "Police pistol, Kriminal" which was a smaller, shorter model that came under GCA 1968 and could no longer be imported, and the PPK/s is the 'police pistol,kriminal special" which has a pp frame with a ppk top and met the size requirements of GCA 1968. The 9mm kurz is the same as .380.As with everything else condition, original condition, is everything in determining value .Walther hasn't built these pistols since 1999, they are being built under license by S&W.
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It might not be a Walther.
As far as I know, Walther never stamped "Munich Germany" on any of their pistols since they were never made in Munich.

Interarms also imported the Mauser HSc in .380.
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It could have actually said "Manhurin" like the poster before you mentioned, but I had a bitch of a time trying to read it. I assumed it was Munich, but it is most certainly a Walther, or a very similar knockoff. I'll do a search on the PPK and PP to see what I can find. Any idea of the year, given the serial numbers?

Edit: Ok, I just went to gunbroker and looked at a great deal of the Walther PPK's PP's and everything inbetween, and this gun isn't exactly like any of them. Here are the main details I remember. The slide on this gun was about 3" roughly, but the safety and hammer were different than the models on gunbroker. The safety was very small compared to the other models, and plain looking, with no red dot to indicate the setting. The hammer was unlike anything I'd ever seen either. It was rather wide for a gun that size, almost the width of the entire slide, and short besides. As stupid as this sounds, do you guys remember cap guns from back in the day, where you'd put the red tape with the caps on it and a flat piece of metal would smack them to make it go off? The hammer looked a lot like that, but much more sturdy. This gun has me totally confused at this point.
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Go look at pictures of the HK4, and the Mauser HsC, and see if either of those looks familiar to you.
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That Mauser looks a hell of a lot like it, because the text on the left side of the slide is set up identically, and the serial number on the receiver is in the same place. The hammer looks the same too, so this may very well be it. Thanks a lot guys!
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