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BAT 44

I have a passing interest in old west sidearms. I heard a refererane to a BAT 44 a while back and have not been able to find out anything about it. Has anyone heard of this sidearm before. I guess its possible they mispronounced, or I misheard the name. Maybe it was BRET 44
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"his hand was already positioned,
his feet wide apart on the floor.
I hadn't noticed but there on his hip
was a short barreled bass 44".

I have always assumed they meant "bad"... but what do I know.

Another theory I've heard had to do with the Sam Bass gang.

Bass is also the name of a (couple) English gun manufacturer.

I like my idea best. Marty made a goof.
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You caught the exact reference in Marty's song "Mr. Shorty" where I heard it. What great lyricks in that song though. I'm sure you know there are other lyricks in that song that makes the reference.

"But the little man's hand was like lightining, the Bat 44 was the same. The 44 spoke and it sent lead and smoke, with 17 inches of flame"


"The little man stood there a moment in silence, then holstered the Bat 44. It's always this way, so I never stay, and slowly he walked out the door."

And my favorite lyrick (no reference though)

'In the room was a terrible silence, as the big one stepped out on the floor. All drinking stopped, and the tick of the clock, said death would wait 10 seconds more."

Thanks for the insight.

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Several different lyrics websites say it's Bass 44, not Bat.

Googled several different ways, nothing gunnish turns up on Bass 44 except these lyrics. A mystery!
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Old 11-16-2005, 09:53 AM   #5
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Years Ago™, I asked Marty about this.

He said "If I sang about Herwin & Hulbert nobody'd know what I was talking about and it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue anyway. Besides I don't want to appear to be advertising any one particular brand over another.
And anyway, you don't think for one minute Columbia's gonna let me get away with singing about a 'Bad A$$ .44' do you?

I never knew if he was pulling my leg with that answer or not. With him it was hard to tell.
But it made perfect sense to me.

It seems that Marty had always liked the long sleek look of the long barreled Merwin & Hulbert revolvers. And since most of them were nickled plated they looked even sleeker.

I must admit I admire them myself but I prefer the rarer blued ones.
Now if I only had the $2500 to buy that extremely fine blued one in Portland.
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batt 44

I believe the batt 44 that Mr. Robbins was referring to was made by J.D.Batt,a little known gun maker.i have a revolver made by him but in 32 colt cal.
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