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Taurus .22 revolver question

I have a sister who has decided she wants to keep a gun in the house. I have taken her to the range a few times now and this is where she stands:
  • She can't rack the slide on my 9's, including my MAK.

    She has fired my Browning HP and it was too much for her

    She has fired my MAK and it was too much for her

    She fired my S&W 586 in .38sp target loads and it was too much for her

    She likes my Ruger MKII with the 5.5" barrel but she's not comfortable with jams.

She is happy with a .22 for now and I see no reason to push her to something more powerful if she's not comfortable with it.

I have been looking at the Taurus model 94 with a 5" barrel and the Tracker. The 94 holds 9 rounds. The Tracker holds 7 rounds and weighs about 60% more. It also looks more intimidating than your average .22

My main questions are, is there any difference in the actions between the two guns?

Then more generally does anyone have experience with either or preferably both.

Sorry about the long winded explanation and TIA!

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I have a Taurus .22 revolver, but I'm not sure of the exact model.
I think it's a Model 94, but the barrel and the "rod" that spins the cylinder and ejects casings isn't incorporated into the barrel.

I've tried the "model finder" of the Taurus web-site and I get only a production year: 1999.

This revolver has a four-inch barrel, and a handy 9-shot cylinder.
In fact, the extra capacity is what convinced me to purchase the gun. It was on consignment, otherwise the gun wouldn't have been legal for sale in California (or so I've heard). I paid $215: previously owned, but never fired.

I really enjoy this little gun.

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Thanks Huntsman, I appreciate your response.
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I have no experience with the Tracker version, but I've owned a 94 for about 3 years now (stainless, 6" tube, rubber finger-groove grips) and as much as I want to like this revolver, it has been a disappointment.

FWIW, the gun has always been very reliable and cosmetically attractive, but practical accuracy has suffered due to the poor quality of the double-action pull. I don't know if I have a bad specimen or not, but this is the worst action I have ever encountered on a revolver. Very heavy and gritty. It is a frustrating experience every time.

In retrospect, I wish I had bought a Ruger SP-101 in .22LR or the more pricey S&W K-frame (don't recall the model # off hand--617?). I know they cost more, but I think that your novice shooter would perform much better with the superior quality actions afforded by these brands. In my experience, the Rugers and S&Ws are much better.

By the time I add the cost of an action-job to the Taurus' sticker price, I'd easily be up in Ruger territory, or possibly even into used-S&W territory.

Just my $.02. Best of luck on your decision!

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One more thought . . .

Is she committed to a handgun? Would a pistol-caliber carbine work for her? Seems like you could have your cake and eat it too with this combination--improved performance with insubstantial recoil.
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