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WTS 1947/58 Danish Madsen .30-06, MINT COND.

Selling a 1947/58 Danish Madsen with correct US type leather sling and with bayonet and scabbard. This rifle and the bayonet are in mint / unissued condition except for the fact that the rear sight leaf spring is broken. The rear sight is tight and functions ok. The spring may have been broken during assembly as I can not see any other way it could have on such a brand new rifle. This rifle was partially in cosmoline when I purchased it and does not appear to have been fired. The metal finish is a black stove paint over parkerizing, and the bolt is parkerized and retains a greenish patina. There is very little wear on this rifle and it was obviously not issued, as most were not. There are no import marks on the rifle and the serial number only appears on the left side of the receiver. The top of the receiver is marked FUERZAS ARMADAS de COLOMBIA. These were first imported in 1969 by The Hunters Lodge and have not been seen much on the market since. This unique and mysterious rifle is a nice collectible piece. Price for this one in excellent mint condition with sling and bayonet is $900 shipped. Contact me at tc@getnet.net for further info.

The story of the Madsen is shrouded in mystery and information is difficult to obtain and, aside from a two page article in the March 1969 American Rifleman magazine, this is what I have learned:

Approximately 6,000 were made in caliber .30-06 just after WWII by Dansk Industri Syndikat (DIS), Copenhagen, Denmark at a time when semi-auto rifles were now in demand. These were beautifully made, with local Danish hardwood, gloss black metal finish, very smooth bolt action similar to a Mosin Nagant in design, with a hooded front sight and a peep ghost ring ladder rear sight, and with a unique muzzle brake machined on the end of the barrel and a thick rubber recoil pad, such features never before manufactured on a bolt action military rifle. DIS supposedly offered these in other sporting calibers, or was going to do so, but none are known to exist. During the late 1950's, DIS supposedly received a purchase contract from the Columbian government for an unknown number of the rifles in caliber .30-06. For some reason, as the story goes, an unspecified number of these rifles above serial number 5,000 which includes this particular rifle received a special large disc inlaid in the stock on the left side below the receiver. The stock disc has the Columbian national crest and is marked with "COLOMBIA" over "FUERZAS ARMADAS". It is not known how many actually made it to Columbia, if at all, or why the Columbian government would even purchase a bolt action rifle for it's military forces when the Fal and the AK-47 were the weapons of choice at the time. As a result of a stockpile somewhere, an unknown number were imported to the US between 1969 and about 1975 by The Hunters Lodge (as seen on ads on the back cover of the American Rifleman). The whereabouts of the remaining inventory of M47/58 Madsens, the drawings, tools, and machinery to build them, including any spare parts, remains unknown.

This places the M47/58 Madsen in the catagory of rare and collectible.

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Never heard of them - but it sure looks nice!
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WTS 1947/58 Danish Madsen .30-06, MINT COND.

Was this rifle ever actually sold by the seller?
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