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TFB, some interesting announcements.

TFB has a couple of announcements that may be of interest to those who are interested in riles beyond your run of the mill AR.

Molot may make a US version of the Vintorez VSS rifle

Molot To Produce The Vintorez Suppressed Rifle - The Firearm Blog

Unfortunately they're talking about making it only in 7.62x39 and no talk of making 9x39 which would be AWESOME. Either way, that's one rifle I'd be very interested in; they are uber-cool.

And Wolf announced they will import Taiwanese Type 91 top halves.

[Big 3 East] Wolf Ammo Is Bringing Us A Type 91 Upper - The Firearm Blog

The Type 91 hearkens back to the original Taiwanese T-65 which was mostly a copy of the Colt 703 piston gun. Taiwan has perfected the rifle over the past 4 decades and I would expect this would be one of the best piston conversions.
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Also seen on TFB, I'd be more interested in the C8 upper, if only it came in a 16" flavor. Not sure how import and ITAR monkeycrap would have to be done, since the thinking would be a matched-set of clones for myself and my gal (M16A4-ringer or M4gery mine, C7A1 or C8 hers in deference to her heritage).
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