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Social Security Gun Ban

Anyone know what's going on here?

Obama to Ban Thousands of Senior Citizens from Owning Firearms | Current Alerts
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SAME OLD, SAME OLD. = The ZERO MAL-administration will try ANY TRICK< no matter how DISHONEST & SLIMY to try to disarm as many law-abiding citizens as they can.

ZERO, HILLARY & the rest of the "progressive" DIMocRATS are GARBAGE & must be DEFEATED/HUMILIATED at every possible time, IF we are to keep what few RIGHTS that we American citizens have not already lost.

yours, sw
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If you are on Social Security disability by reason of a mental health impairment, then your gun rights are gone. Period.
Obama is "dividing and conquering" by slicing off certain segments of the community, and denying to that segment their 2nd amendments rights , under the aegis of some ostensibly reasonable rationalization.
What qualifies as a "mental health impairment??" Clinical depression? Or is it sufficient that one is simply having a "down day" and is a little sad or morose? Who decides?
A beuarocrat at social security or a doctor?
How does this work ---- does the individual simply have his weapons confiscated permanently ....or will they be restored when he's ... "happy."

Given Obama's record I would not believe a word he said about how this law will work.
I heard wunderkid promise that if I liked my healthcare insurance I'd be able to keep it. Since I heard that I've lost mine twice.

If Obama wants MY guns, he better bring HIS guns.
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Originally Posted by TommyGunn View Post
If Obama wants MY guns, he better bring HIS guns.
I'm getting that put on a T-shirt.

If you want to take


You'd better bring


(And plenty of them.)
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I like the idea of addressing mental illness. The problem is, the Dems are ONLY looking at this is an end-around gun ban; they don't give a crap about actual mental illness, or people's rights.

I can understand the desire to separate the truly mentally ill and potentially dangerous from their guns; and I support that. But the person...

A - Has to be deemed a threat to themselves and others
B - Due process for the "patient" to be able to defend him/herself from the charges

But the dems have no interest in adding those two things in; because it's about taking away guns, not about public safety or mental illness.
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Old 06-08-2016, 03:56 PM   #6
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Kevin, those are the two big reservations I have anytime somebody wants to open the "mental health" can of worms.

Doubly so with Asperger's, and you know some pin-peckered pinko douchemonkey is gonna want to tell me "you're autistic so you're crazy, so NoGunz4You!"
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To All,

Starting on 21JAN17, presuming that we can beat Hillary & her crowd of CROOKS this Fall, we need to start DISASSEMBLING everything done during the BHO MIS-administration & mount a massive "public information campaign" to remind every thinking American of what happens when the busybodies, "public nannies", "do-gooders" & CORRUPT leftists were put in charge for 8 years. - Simply stated, the DIMocRATS must be made anathema to honest/working folks from CA to ME.
(Whatever that such a campaign costs will be worth the investment.)

For example, in JAN2009, there were about 30 Million uninsured American citizens. In mid-2016, after spending a TRILLION DOLLARS on "Obamacare", there are still about 30 MILLION uninsured citizens, according to the official reports of HHS & the GAO.

In other words, "Obamacare" has been a COMPLETE WASTE of MONEY & TIME. "Obamacare" has accomplished NOTHING positive.

yours, sw

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Well i'm 66,and I bought two shotgun and three 1911's and three revolvers this year along.I guess they didn't have me in mind.And i'm a Democrat!!!
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