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I've been told a lot of stores by cops, but I think these are the very best.

I have a relative who did 30 years with the local police department then quit and went to work for the county prosecutor as an investigator.
When he was brand new in the department there was a rough business area of hardware stores and bars.
One was famous for being the worst at night.
The thugs though it was fun to drag a cop down onto the sticky floor and rip and dirty up his uniform. Most had to throw the filthy uniforms away after a session on the floor at Ed's Bar, and it became an initiation of a new cop to see how he handled the clients at the bar.

Frank got called down one night shortly after he started on the job and was immediately swarmed and roughed up. After being dragged around the floor they tossed him out on the sidewalk.
He staggered to the car and called for backup. At this time, there was usually only two cops on patrol at night, one in the Southside, one in the Northside.
It could take as much as 15 to 20 minutes for one to get to the other to help.

Just happened the county sheriff was driving through town and heard the call.
He responded to Frank's call for help.
Ivan was a big man and a locally famous tough sheriff. He always talked in a very quiet, calm voice even in bad situations.

He pulled up, got out and found Frank slumped in his car.
Ivan was a very low talking man and he quietly asked Frank what had happened.
Frank told him about getting roughed up and tossed out in the street.
Ivan said quietly, "Well, we certainly can't have that. That shows disrespect for the Law".

Ivan walked to the rear of his car and opened the trunk.
He pulled out a Model 1921 Thompson gun and stuck a 50 round drum in it.
He went into Ed's Bar and fired a long burst into the ceiling over the bar.
He then very quietly ordered everyone to line up while Officer Frank took them into custody.
Frank said there was absolutely no more disrespect for the Law that night in Ed's Bar.
Of course, these days Sheriff Ivan would be in serious trouble.

Another story was told to me by an old fashioned big city Homicide cop. He still wore a fedora hat.
He told me about the toughest man he ever saw.

One night in a downtown bar a retired professional hockey player got into an argument with a man twice his size.
To his shock, the bigger man was being used by the little hockey player to mop the floor.
In order to prevent loosing, he pulled out a .38 and shot the hockey player.
This made the hockey player mad, so he took the gun away and shot the bigger guy a few times.

Both were rushed to the inner city hospital where no one goes by choice UNLESS it's for a gunshot or stabbing. Because they have so much experience at treating that kind of trauma, that's were you wanted to go if you'd been shot or stabbed.

All the way to the hospital the big guy is groaning and moaning. From the hockey player.....nothing.
As they were lying side by side in the emergency room, the little hockey player raised up on one elbow and leaned over the the big guy next to him.
He said, "I just talked to the doctor. He says you ain't gonna make it".

The Homicide guy said THAT was the toughest guy he ever saw.
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Originally Posted by Charlie Petty View Post
I never was very fond of their police work 'cause it didn't seem to have anything to do with the real world.
Back in the early seventies you couldn't have put real police work on television. I do find Adam-12 more interesting than the carchase bullethose übercriminal plot devices in common use today.

Anyone watch that cop show set in Toronto? I don't remember the name. I call it "Canukistan" because it's what you would have if Toronto were in the stan. I think they shoot more rounds each episode than the entire Toronto PD shoots in a year.
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Originally Posted by IrishCop View Post
So I grabbed the guy, bent him over and put him in a choke hold and told him he could breathe again when he put his hands behind his back.

Worked out just fine.
Clearly he just needed someone to speak a language he could understand in that moment.
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My favorite TV "cop show" was HOMICIDE LIFE ON THE STREET. - MANY of those cases were real cases from Baltimore PD Homicide Div or from Baltimore County PD.
(The "Billytown" sequences were ALL real cases from south Baltimore County, where the names had been changed to protect THE GUILTY. - "Billytown" is "a trip". - Those West VA & KY hillbillies, that live down there, are "something else".)

When I was stationed at Ft Meade, we sometimes had cases involving servicemembers in "Billytown" and MANY of those cases were downright WIERD.

In 1991, a "fine young lady" from KY got into a loud DD with her husband. (She weighed all of about 125#.) - During the fist-fight she knocked her husband out cold.
When the neighbors came over to see what was going on, she beat the two of them up.
Then 2 Baltimore County detectives responded to the call on the disturbance & she beat them up, too.
(It later turned out that she had "pounced on" the two cops before they could tell her that they were "PO-lice". - Turns out that she thought that they were "neighbors", who were "inferferring in a family quarrel".)

Then one of our MP patrols arrived, responding to a call for "back-up". - The male/female MP's were, of course, in uniform. - After looking into the situation, SSG Lydia W________ called BCPD & asked for a female officer to respond.
When a female SGT arrived, she found SSG Lydia & "the fine young lady" quietly CHATTING out by our patrol car.

The BCPD SGT asked what was going on & our SSG said that she had NOT gotten into the fight, had told "the fine young lady" to let her call for a local female PO & "us girls can sort this out downtown". - "The fine young lady" said "OK", quietly was cuffed & was transported.
(Sometimes "a quiet word" works better than anything.)

NOTE: The husband, the neighbors & BOTH detectives ended up in the ER, "all beat-up".

When I was briefed at 0700 the next morning, i HAD to LOL.- Typical "Billytown" deal.

yours, sw

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to ALL,

Another "Billytown" story:

In Feb 1991, I was contacted by an "admin type" from ACS & we MPs were asked to do a "health & welfare check" on a SFC, Retired who was 92YO.
(ACS was AFRAID to GO over to THAT particuliar neighborhood, even in daylight!)

One of our MP patrols arrived at the home, knocked and a man about 40YO came to the door.
Our MP asked him to see SFC Dane. He was told that "Dad is off fishing."
(We reported that to ACS.)
The next time that we had a patrol nearby, we were told that, "Dad is out of town."
Then, "He's out fishing".
Then, "Dad is out of town", etc, etc, etc.

After several visits, we finally got a Military Judge (a COL/O6) to give us an order to enter the home & find out what was going on.

Turned out that "Dad" had DIED of natural causes 14 YEARS before, had been buried in the basement & the family was "enjoying" his Army retirement check, PX & Commisary priviledges & Social Security benefits.
(The eldest son told the FBI, whom we had called as the family were all civilians, that "We needed the money & Dad would say it was OK. Besides, what's the big deal? The government has LOTS of money.")

Before it was over with, ALL of the adults ended up in the federal pen for "conspiracy to commit fraud" (under RICO), grand larceny and other crimes.
(The total theft of funds was well over $ 224,000.oo)

Just another day of "FUN & GAMES" in beautiful Billytown!

yours, sw

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One of my favorites was for a DD between lovers; both men. Seems they had a disagreement while dinner was being prepared. One just got frustrated and picked up a cast iron skillet and B R O K E it over the other guy’s head!! We arrive and the “victim” had a split on his head, but otherwise none the worse for the wear. My partner and I kept looking at the broken skillet, then back to the victim’s head, then back to the BROKEN skillet, then back to the patient. We decided that due to the mechanism of injury, we’d better take him in for at least 24 hours of neuro observation. Dood had a hard head I guess.
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yours, sw
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"Back in the early seventies you couldn't have put real police work on television. I do find Adam-12 more interesting than the carchase bullethose übercriminal plot devices in common use today."--Phantom4570

IIRC, 'Police Story' was the first to try to explore the 'gritty, realistic' side of police work, coming along right as 'Adam-12' was winding up its run.
My most vivid memory of those 'new generation' shows was a scene from 'Police Woman', where Angie Dickinson was shown leading a PT group in stretches--from behind.
Ummm, nice...
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