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JB Bore cleaning compund on 1946 Rem Model 81

Hi Guys,

Any feedback or experience using J-B non-embedding bore cleaning compound on a 1946 Remington Model 81 chambered for 300 Savage?
I recently inherited the rifle, and have been using Hoppes Copper Solvent to remove many years of built up jacket fouling near the muzzle, but can't quite get it all out. Is J-B ok to use on an older barrel such as the one on the Model 81? Do you simply run it down the barrel with a patch, or should you also use a bristle brush? My main concern is that I don't damage this older barrel with a cleaning compound it wasn't designed to use.

Many thanks for the feedback!

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Re: JB Bore cleaning compund on 1946 Rem Model 81

JB is fine but it is possible to overdo it. I wrap a patch around a worn out brush of smaller caliber and then put a little JB on the patch. Try just a few strokes and then inspect. You may not be able to get it spotless and a little color left on the lands really isn't a big deal.
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Re: JB Bore cleaning compund on 1946 Rem Model 81

Many Thanks Charlie. I'll give your cleaning recommendation a try this afternoon.

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Re: JB Bore cleaning compund on 1946 Rem Model 81

For copper removal, use Wipe-Out or some other foaming bore cleaner (midwayusa carries it). I think Walmart usually carries Outers and BreakFree. No smell, and it won't hurt steel (but as a copper solvent, it'll eat brass up). They are so much more effective, you will never try anything else. Spray it in, let it set for an hour, patch it out.
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Re: JB Bore cleaning compund on 1946 Rem Model 81

I've been afraid of JB ever since Gale Mcmillan said he would void the warranty on any of his barrels it was used on. He said it rounded off the lands.
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Re: JB Bore cleaning compund on 1946 Rem Model 81

For an old and crusted up bore, JB might be the best thing you can do short of actually re-lapping the bore. Like Charlie said, just don't over-do it.
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I have used it successfully on a number of older WW2 issue guns and it works marvels.
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Copper can be removed with the following:
Barnes Copper Solvent - The best bore cleaner I've used. It removed fouling that Shooters Choice and Hoppes didn't remove and copper that turned the patches blue where they were not black with fouling.

Janitors Ammonia. This is stronger than household ammonia.

I wouldn't use JB until you get all of the fouling and copper out of the barrel. Otherwise the JB will remove material from the barrel where there isn't any fouling or copper to remove.
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i can save you trouble & put some $$$$$ in your pocket, as i was born in 1946 & i'm a fan of the old model 81. ====> that is a NICE rifle for deer/elk/moose/bears & .300Sav is a GREAT caliber, being between the .308 & 30.06 in power.

my pet load for my .300Sav was a 180/200grain RNSP, in front of H4895.

yours, sw
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I've always kept a jar of JB's in my cleaning kit ever since buying a Model 94 with a fouled bore. JB's cleaned out the fouling ricky tick and while I rarely need to use it, it is ready when needed.

Most of us probably clean with a good rod guide and complete each stroke of the cleaning rod down the bore without changing directions mid-bore. Needeless to say, it is probably even more important to do so with any bore cleaning compound containing an abbrasive compound such as JB's. One should also clean his cleaning rod off after using an abbrasive cleaner.

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