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ballisongs & butterfly's

ive always been fascinated by butterfly/ballisong knives

and i wish to acquire one

any brand in particular?

one better than another?

i am slightly aware of some legality involving carrying them but its simply for collecting that i want one
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Ballisong is a brand. A good one is a requirement as a cheap one will wear out and be useless quick. If your learning how to use it the first thing you should do when you get it is put 2 or three layers of tape over the blade till you learn this will save you some of your blood.
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I found an older Benchmade at a show for about $25. It's like owning a yo yo. Tape on the blade is a good idea. But also, you should look at some sites that explain what's going on and basic moves.
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Cold Steel also makes a good one.
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Re: ballisongs & butterfly's

Late to the party.


I use to carry their Tanto. It did have a small rust problem (I was a dishwasher so it was wet a lot).

Much better than the $10 flea-market special, but much less $ than the big name blades.
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Originally Posted by Travismaine
Ballisong is a brand.
Balisong is the Filipino (Tagalog) name for this type of knife. It may be a registered trademark in the US but it is a generic name in its country of origin.
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