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VC Police Making an Entry

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US OSHA would have a chit-fit if someone in the US did that. Still, clever idea but I wonder about the true utility of that. Shoot at the guys holding the poles and you can put a stop to that operation very easily. And it's only good for a few floors.

Seems the better idea is the way we do it in the US; descend from the top.
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Now that's some straight up ninja stuff there...
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That is eye-catching, but I gotta agree with Kevin. There are better ways.

Those guys do have a set on them though. Basically soft clothes and some really sticky soles on their boots for an entry team.

I wonder if bad guys having guns are a real problem in the Peoples Republic of Viet Nam.
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And all these years, I thought THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN was cool.

They did it on the cheap!
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Defeating this tactic requires shooting one cop coming over the rail every 70 seconds...hardly a "swarm" maneuver.

Also, maximum weight for man plus equipment: 85 pounds.

If Santa Anna had tried this at the Alamo, we wouldn't remember the Alamo.
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And they just happened to have a long stick just the right size around

Call me a cynic, seems to me to be a "How can we look tactikewl on our budget?" video or maybe just a training exercise. Improvise, adapt & overcome didn't really originate with Gunny Highway. Does solve the problem of how to do an entry if the BGs/imperialist running dogs control the stairwells and there's no helo available.

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LEO vice Military Perspective.

Pictures are worth a million words. JMHO.
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