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Dallas Shooting

IMO, this is just getting started around the country.

Shooter identified:

Officers shot after Dallas police shootings protest - San Antonio Express-News

Dead suspect in Dallas shootings identified as Micah Xavier Johnson | WREG.com

Five officers killed:

Live updates: 5 Dallas officers killed at protest - CNN.com
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First, I fear that you are 100% correct UNLESS the lunatic left, the apologists for the so-called "Black Lives Matter" movement (that actively calls for police to be killed, the "gun-control LOONS", the POTUS & everyone else just SHUTS UP about trying to say that these horrific acts were anyone's fault except the fault of the VICIOUS CRIMINALS who DID the shooting.
(The cause of the massacre in Dallas of 5 police officers, 7 more wounded in the line of duty & the two civilians who were wounded was SOLELY the fault of at least four VIOLENT PREDATORS & of those persons who indicated that violence against police is justified.)

If our members would go read much of what has been posted to "social media" since the massacre, you will see that MANY posters are jubilant about the massacre & are openly calling for MORE murders of "white people" & specifically the assassination of police officers.
("Twitter" is FILLED with more calls for additional armed attacks on police officers & "white people".)

I call upon all of our many members to remember the slain police officers, their families and the wounded people & their families in PRAYERS, according to each person's own faith.

To those who are not in Texas: Our entire State is in mourning. - I suggest that you also remember our grieving citizens in your prayers, too.

A Personal Comment: I'm DISGUSTED with the so-called "national political leaders", who have been on TV/radio all day & are "running their mouths" about more "gun control".
Trying to use this horrendous massacre to try to deprive citizens of our RIGHTS is unforgivable in my opinion.

yours, sw
USAMPC, Retired

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