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"Why You guys have a job" :D

Why You Guys Have A Job
By Mark Clifton

I see that most of the stories here are from the point of view of the pilots, but I thought you might be interested in a story about one of the reasons fire pilots have a job -- a sort of customer-appreciation story ...

This happened, if I recall correctly, during the summer of 2004.

Until two years ago I was a welder. (I can hear your thoughts already, “Welders start fires.” Yes, but it wasn’t my fault. (I can hear you laughing.) Anyway, I had been welding for about 30 years at the time of this anomaly and I had NEVER had a fire I couldn’t put out with my foot (unless it was me that was burning, and then I just put it out with my hand).

Clifton before the lurching experience Anyway, my company had sent me to work with a wind turbine maintenance company near Livermore, California. The old turbines go wild, fall over, throw blades, and generally tear themselves apart. I would climb the 60-foot (or 80-foot or 140-foot) towers and

Have you ever had days like this ? :P
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