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Re: LE issue/carry weapons


86-87 & 89-91 (when i hung up my gun/badge.)

be careful out there,sw
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Re: LE issue/carry weapons

Originally Posted by stand watie

i PITY both of you having to carry a "plastic glock" for a duty weapon. i wouldn't carry one of those things, if it was a gift.

be careful out there,sw
Thanks. If I had to carry a plastic pistol, I would go for an XD.
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Re: LE issue/carry weapons

Originally Posted by stand watie
the officer said: the slide came off one of the Glocks & hurt one of the guys. (we ended up sending the fellow to the ER & he had to have a number of stitches for his face. he liked to have lost an eye, i heard later.) haven't fired (and WON'T) fire a Glock since.

Just how does this happen??
The loop of steel that holds the recoil spring and the spring and guide plowed its way through the guts of the gun and came flying backwards? I've heard of springs breaking and the slides going forward, but not backward.
PLEASE have a citation for this...my mental BS alarm is ringing.
furthermore, the FIRST WEEK that a nearby metropolitian PD issued Glocks, they had FIVE REPORTED "accidental discharges". (i wonder how many "accidents" were NOT reported???)
TWO of those "accidental discharges" sent the OFFICER, to whom the Glock was issued,to the hospital!!

Inadequate training and the fact that most cops are not generally "gun guys" will lead to blunders.
The few that frequent these boards might be gun guys but the vast majority in the USA don't qualify.
The brand of weapon is hardly to blame. Booger hooks on the bang switch is to blame!
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Re: LE issue/carry weapons

Started with a Mod 57 S&W. New chief banned magnums, too powerful.
Went to a Govt. Mod. Next new cheif banned SA autos, they were offensive to the public.
Got a new to the market S&W 645. Changing cheifs every year or so was starting to get expensive, buying new guns and duty rigs for them.

Changed departments keeping the 645 until the new cheif said he would only buy 9mm ammo.
A PT92 found its way onto my belt. (Out shot the Beretta 92 guys with it much to their dismay.)
Went through a few other 9mm until deciding to bite the bullet and go back to the 645 even if it meant buying my own ammo.

Another agency change.
This one issued S&W 38 Spec. revolvers for the first few years. Then "upgraded" to...
Ruger P89DAOs about 15 years ago and that is what we have been stuck with since.
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Re: LE issue/carry weapons

My department started out issuing a big stick. After a while we were upgraded to a big stick with a nail in it.
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Re: LE issue/carry weapons

We are issued a choice of the three sizes of .40 Glocks depending on your preference or job. You can buy your own Glock but there's no point in doing that.

We've had Glocks for 17 years and I don't have a problem with them. Started out with 9mm Model 17's but switched to .40 S&W after a miserable failure to stop with 9mm subsonic hp.

Prior to Glock we were issued S&W Model 10 heavy barrels but could carry any quality revolver as long as you carried the department issue 38 Spec +P.

Wasn't too excited to switch from revolvers since I was very comfortable and accurate with a wheelgun. But after a rather intense 3 day training course the pistol earned my respect. Once I got used to the trigger it was very accurate. I was used to stock or military issue 1911's and never saw one that could feed empty cases from the mag. The Glock easily fed empties from the mag and that really impressed me.
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Re: LE issue/carry weapons

I'm a Reserve Deputy Sheriff in Allegheny County, Pa. We all carry Glocks in either 40S&W or 45ACP. I have a Glock 21SF and really like that weapon.
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Re: LE issue/carry weapons

I'm not an LEO. I do remember one suburban city back in Ohio, after going through three chiefs each spending money on firearms replacement, decided to issue whatever the state police issued and make the Chief live with it.

Who, as a taxpayer, understood, as a shooter...I have my doubts.
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Re: LE issue/carry weapons

Current ICE issued weapons,
Primary : SIG 229 DAK in .40
Backup : SIG 239 DAK in .40
or J frame S&W in .38+p
or Glock 26 in 9mm

Long guns issued:
Remington 870 with 14" barrel
Colt M4 (semi and 3 rnd burst)
MP5 (semi and 3 rnd burst)

Personal Purchase authorized pistols:
SIG 229 DA/SA in .40 (we only issue DAK/DAO weapons, but if you want double/single action, you buy it yourself)
SIG 239 DA/SA in .40
J frame S&W with hammer, hammer less, or shrouded hammer.
HK P2000sk in .40
Glock 26 in 9mm.
HK USP compact LEM in .40 (being fazed out of service)

(why personal purchase if the same weapon is on the issued list you ask? You might want pistol "a", but all the pistol "a"s in your office are issued. You can be issued pistol "b", or purchase your own pistol "a". Otherwise, wait until someone retires and gives up pistol "a" for you.)

ICE is listed above. Our sister agency CBP (Customs and Border Protection) which are Inspectors, and Border Patrol are issuing the HK P2000 for primary use, and P2000sk for backup. I am not sure what personal purchase weapons they get to carry.

WHY any of these weapons? Cost, stopping power, conceal ability, reliability, politics... All of the above (but mostly politics...)
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Re: LE issue/carry weapons

Issued, Glock 19. Off duty personal, CZ P01.
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Re: LE issue/carry weapons

When I started out 20+ years ago the issue sidearm was a wheel gun in .357, either a S&W or a Colt. I was issued a S&W Mdl 28 Highway Patrolman, which for those who care is an N frame (same as the .44Mag Mdl 29). It didn't fit my small hand very well so after getting out of the academy I prompty bought a S&W Mdl 686, an L Frame (same grip as the smaller K frame and the rest the same size as the N frame). Issue ammo was the Winchester 125 gn. Silvertip JHP, and adequate man stopper. Before I got into LE I carried a Browning DA .45 SCP (Sig P220 with a European heel style mag release). I had to carry the revolver for a year and then I promptly switched back to my Browning DA .45 (which I had to take the 2-3 day semiauto class for). The issue around this time was the Glock 19 in 9mm, which about 5 years later became the Glock 22 in 40 S&W. Being of the bigger is better mindset I stuck with my Sig for 12 years and declined the offer of the issue Glock. About 1993 or so there was a San Jose (I think) motor officer who responded to a bank hold up alarm and when he got there the bad guy was still there. The motors guy was armed the same as I was at the time, a Sig P220 with 3 spare 7 round mags on his belt. The BG had a Berreta Mdl 92 9mm and 3-4 spare 15 round mags. They got in a running gun battle which ended up with the BG making it to his car about a 3 blocks away and jumping in. The motors guy expended his last two rounds into the door of the BG's car, hitting the AH twice, but not putting him down. The BG then proceeded to get out and chase the motor officer back to his bike where he took cover. About that time help arrived the BG was put down. Soon after this incident I switched to the G22. I figured in this day and age I need all the edge that I can get so that I can go home to my family at the end of my shift.

I will address a few of the comments made about the semiauto duty weapon. Yes, aimed fire is best vs spray and pray. My department trains for aimed fire and the quals and training are realistic to what might be encountered on the street. This is not the 60's when bad guys are carrying a 6 shot POS revolver and don't know how to use it. Today we are facing BG's whose training and armament sometimes exceeds that of many street officers. Often the BG's run in packs and an LEO may face 2 or more shooters sometimes wearing body armor. Tactics and officer safety are what win gun fights. Using cover and being able to move while shooting accurately are life savers.

As for today's semiauto........it is a far cry from the early batch of DA Semiautos that came out in the late 70's. I remember having a S&W Mdl 59 9mm the literally shot pie plate size groups and had a mag follower problem that coined the phrase 'jamomatic'. Today's generation of Sigs, Glocks, Colts and S&Ws (etc.)are ultra reliable and accurate as any issue revolver.

Ammo has also come a long way from the old .38/.357 158 gn. SWC or RN. Our issue ammo is the .40 S&W 180 gn. JHP, a proven man stopper.

But good guns and the latest in ammo design is not enough to win the fight. Training in tactics and accurate shooting under stressful conditions are what it takes to win. I know that my department has equipped my coworkers and myself with the training and equipment that I need to win a fight. It us up to us to employ it correctly and then go home at the end of our shift.

Oh, BTW, for B/U guns I started out with S&W Mdl 38 Bodyguard in an ankle holster (I was too skinny to hide it anywhere else ). I carried this for about 10-12 years and then switched to an AMT DAO .45 ACP for a few years which I carried in a holster on the side of my vest. Now I carry a Glock 27 .40S&W since I started carrying the G22 as a sidearm. I also have been secreting a KelTec P3AT in my vest in the slot where my strike plate sits. I carry the G27 and the KelTec off duty.
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Re: LE issue/carry weapons

I started out with a five-inch barrel S&W in my first department. When I moved to my current employer, I was issued a S&W with a four inch barrel. Shortly thereafter, the agency transitioned to the Ruger Service Six.

I was on the committee that recommended our transition to the SigSauer 226 9mm in the early 1990's. Officers with smaller hands could get a 228. Detectives were additionally issued a 230 for concealment. Ten years later, we succumbed to the .40 craze and went to the 226 in that calibre. I was a firearms instructor by that point and dropped the .380 230. Detectives were issued a 239.

After becoming lead FI, I authorized the 239 for those with small hands. Our detectives decided to transition to the 226 for their sidearm. We recently transitioned top HST 165 grain ammunition.

We have some Colt AR-15's issued. Other officers have personally owned AR-15's from a variety of manufacturers. We also have Remington 870's.

Less-lethals include the Sabre Red OC spray and TASER M-26's and X-26's.
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Re: LE issue/carry weapons

I recently attended TASER training and am carrying the X26. My beloved impact weapons are becoming less PC and the fact that some of our customers who exhibit symptoms like ED make using the old tried and true OC and ASP's ineffective. The TASER is a very effective alternative. When I went through my training I elected to 'take the ride' for credibility's sake should I have to testify. I was one of the lucky ones who got to be hit with one probe and then subjected to drive stunning. I still have a burn scar on my gluteous maximus
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Re: LE issue/carry weapons

You do mean "signature mark" not "burn" right? They drilled that distinction pretty hard when I took that ride.
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Re: LE issue/carry weapons

Oops!! I stand corrected! SIGNATURE marks!! I tend to get a bit groggy on my 7th or 8th straight graveyard shift. Three more to go!!
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Re: LE issue/carry weapons

When we still had revolvers, I was carrying a Ruger GP100. We've had Glocks for almost 20 years now I'd guess.
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