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Dias VS Lighting link?? in AR10

From some of the NFA boards I have seen these for sale:

1. SWD Auto Connector (Lightning Link) invented by the famous Max Atchisson CAN WORK IN AR10 WITH SOME MODIFICATIONS $7200

2.Drop In Auto Sear registered $7350

From what I undestand these both work in the AR15/M16, and a lightning link just pops in, with a little fitting/shimming and is FA, A DIAS drops in but you need a M16 selector to make it work. Is this correct?

I'm leening towards the LL.
For the questions:

Am I corrrect on my above assumtion?

How much work (cost) to fit the LL in a AR10A2? I will probably have a gunsmith do it.

Will either even work in the AR10?

Has anyone done this before? Tips/suggestions?

I'm not looking into a $100 fellony here. I am willing to pay the 8K for one but I want to know if it will even work before I cough up the money.

Any books-websites where I could get more info??

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Theres a good thread about this on
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The AR10 was not designed as a full auto weapon.

A Lightning Link may work with some modifications but I don't know what they are or how they would affect the reliability of your weapon.

A DIAS is made to drop in to milspec M16/AR15 receivers, which have different dimensional specs than the AR10 receiver.

Additionally, a DIAS requires the M16 full auto fire control group - trigger, hammer, selector, disconnector and bolt carrier. As the AR10 was never made in a F/A version, these parts would have to be hand made.

If you want a F/A .308, stick with an M14, H&K G3, FAL, etc.

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Originally Posted by mjmensale
The AR10 was not designed as a full auto weapon.

As the AR10 was never made in a F/A version, these parts would have to be hand made.

That should be qualified somewhat. The original
Armalite / Artillerie-Inrichtingen AR10 was designed and made with full auto capability. But if you have one of those, you don't need a DIAS or Lightning Link, and I'm sure that everything Moe said does apply to the rifles made in the last 15 years or so.
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