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Need Advice on .308 AR

I have been researching .308 AR's for a while now. Here is what I am considering.

I like the RRA mid for its bang for the buck, the FAL mags, the price, and it seems to have a good reputation.

I am wondering if the Armalite is worth the extra bucks.

I also wonder if the DPMS is maybe better than the RRA.

How about the difference between the 18" barrel and the 20"? I do want to be able to shoot 300 yards, and enjoy long range shooting.

Then again, maybe I should buy the RRA lower (so I can use the FAL mags) and somebody else's upper....thing is, I do not see the RRA .308 lower on their this available in pieces?

I have heard that the .308 round doesn't run that well in an AR rifle...but that is one man's opinion, I would like to hear from guys that heve them. I do wonder why Bushmaster discontinued theirs.

What do you guys think? I want the gun for range shooting, hunting, home defense, and cause I WANT ONE DARN IT!

Any and all advice is wanted and appreciated.

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Re: Need Advice on .308 AR

I am not an AR person but I have never heard anything bad about RRA. If I were building one I think I would use the RRA.

I would say go with the 20" barrel at least. I have a 20" Rem 700 and a 24" M-14S and the M-14 is ~400fps faster with the same ammo. 18" would really cost you velocity.
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Re: Need Advice on .308 AR

I have a DPMS AP4 308 and I am super happy with it. I bought it about 4 years ago and was able to buy mags for $25 each. You do have to mod the front of the mag a little to make them reliable. Not sure why DPMS didn't just take a little material off the front?

Anyway I have shot the crap out of it and it is very accurate. With good Mil ammo and when I did my part I was able to get 1- sub MOA with it.

It is very heavy compared to a regular AR, but you want that with 308.
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Re: Need Advice on .308 AR

I would contact the Army Marksmanship Unit, Ft. Benning. They are shooting them at 1000 yards and theirs uses M14 mags. Personally I don't like the idea of getting lined up with FAL mags.
You gotta remember you still got a short radius sight system. I would go with a flat top upper and a flat top forearm for best sight combos.
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Re: Need Advice on .308 AR

Some years back I purchased a "pre owned" Armalite AR10. It's the 20" A2 version and has functioned flawlessly after hundreds of rounds.
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Re: Need Advice on .308 AR

My range buddy and I both have Stoner SR25 Match rifles that we bought pre-ban. They are absoluety amazing as far as accuracy and reliability are concerned. If you get a five shot group that exceeds a half inch you have done something wrong. He has been shooting his every week for about a year without a cleaning session as a sort of experiment. Every once in a while he squirts a little oil on the bolt and it keeps on running. I keep harassing him to do a good cleaning because this goes against my instincts. But it keeps on trucking and shooting those small groups. They may cost a little more but in this case I think you do get what you pay for. I think this is the new Army sniper rifle. I have not seen a bolt action that will outshoot the Stoner. Equal it perhaps but now outdo it.
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