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Armalite jamming/fail to feed.

Finally had a chance to shoot the Armalite since it came back frome service. Originally sent in for dropping mags & feed problems. Armalite replaced the mag catch - which has taken care of the mags dropping while firing. Still having failure to feed and jamming issues with 2 different type mags(Royal Ord & Orlite) that function perfectly in both of my Olympics. Could it still be a mag issue? Any suggestions would be welcome.
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I have an Armalite NM and had feeding problem. I put in a Colt bolt hold open and that solved the problem. This was not my idea but a friend who had the same problem. The Armalite and the Colt are different shape.
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Trade it for a Bushmaster
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Yes, it could still be a magazine problem. Buy a new USGI or LEO-contract made-in-America magazine. Better yet, buy ten. Load it (them) with some XM193, and see what happens. If it still jams, it's the rifle.
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I agree that you should try some USGI mags or LEO mags first before making up your mind. I have one Orlite mag that won't even latch in any of my 4 ARs so it is in the "junk" pile.

Some mags don't have spec mag catch holes. I bought some SA-80 mags that I had to dremel out the mag catch well some to get them to seat.
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Just got in some Labelle N.I.W. mags from Ammoman. They fit and latch mutch cleaner than either the Orlite or Royal Ordinance mags. As soon as the temp get above sub-zero wind chill, I'll be heading to the range for testing. Will keep you posted on results. Thanks for the input.
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Is it every other round that you are experiencing a failure to feed?

If yes, check your feed ramps... (your Barrel extension has two...left and right) Your magazine stacks left and right....

Look for a burr or imperfection in one of the ramps... sometimes you woun't be able to even see it, but may feel it with your nail; or the blade of a sharp knife...

If it catches on something, take a fine stone or rolled up piece of emory and siipe the ramp a couple of times....

Try feeding again......

Hope this helps...........

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