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Best Range Ammo for Sig P320 9mm Sub-compact

I just picked up a Sig P320 9mm Sub-compact; what do you recommend for Range Ammo and Home Ammo?

For Range I'm considering: (115-124) Speer Lawman, Blazer and Fiocchi

For Home: (124-135, don't want to go heavier with the short barrel) Hornady CD, Speer Gold Dot, Fed HST and Barnes XPB

Thoughts? Thanks
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You need to try them out and see what kind of results you get.
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WELCOME ABOARD. You have found the RIGHT place for expert help.
(I'm NOT an expert BUT we have a LOT of them here.)

HINT: I found a FMJ 115 grain CHEAP white-box Winchester 9x19mm load at the PX that is "a ballistic twin" of Hornady's Critical Defense ammo. = LOOK ABOUT & read the label is my suggestion. - It shoots the same in my Sig-Sauer P6 pistol.
(Less than 1/2 as much per round, when it's on sale.)

yours, sw
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Welcome aboard fb939. SpecialEd is right; even two guns of the same make & model & caliber might conceivably "like" different ammunition brands -- or types.
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And if I can add something, I wouldn't get too OCD as far as just what round to choose for serious social purposes. Just about ANY of the defensive loads offered by major manufacturers would more than likely perform to specs. The guys were right...try out a few and see which one you AND your going n likes best.
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Thanks all, I'll give them a shot and see which ones find their way to the top. I'll chime in later with my findings. Thanks again...
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You won't get too many recommendations for "Range" ammo here, because most of us load our own. For practice, use the cheapest stuff you can find that shoots reasonably well in your pistol. Anything you mentioned, plus Winchester White Box, should be fine.

For carry, I like Federal HST, but again, experiment and see what your pistol likes.

For "Home", consider something in 12 gauge.
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Find a generic "white box" ammo that shoots to the same point as your carry ammo. It may take a while to find the right stuff but to the good side you're still getting practice.
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I just don't sweat this round over that round anymore. I find whatever 124 grain JHP from a major manufacturer that shoots to point of aim and just call it done. They all work pretty well, I'm more concerned about the loose nut behind the trigger (me).
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