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Win 231/HP38 Being Phased Out

Found via Mike V of SSI.

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Win 231/HP38 Being Phased Out - General Reloading - Brian Enos's Forums... Maku mozo!

Win 231/HP38 Being Phased Out

Posted 10 August 2015 - 05:36 PM
Just read this on another forum...

"Winchester 231 certainly has been hard to get. The plant that makes
Winchester powders does not want to make 231 as well as a few other powders.
These older technology powders have different chemistry than the new powders
and this older chemistry makes it much slower to make powder: basically, you
can make about 2.5 times as many pounds of new chemistry powder in the time
it takes to make 1 pound of old chemistry powder. During the process of
making the old powders, the waste stream created is huge compared to the
waste stream of the new chemistry powders. Chemical waste is very expensive
to get rid of. So, the plant wants to phase out the old chemistry powders
and replace them with new chemistry powders. While they are still making
231, the amount is being reduced and the amount of new powder such as
Titegroup and Longshot is being increased.
Now, we are kind of stuck in the middle. The market is demanding 231 but
the maker is not wanting to produce the powder. The result is, over time,
231 is going to go away. Shooters should begin using other powders as they

Mike Daly
Hodgdon Family of Fine Propellants
Hodgdon Smokeless Powder
IMR Powder Company
Winchester Smokeless Propellants
GOEX Blackpowder"
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I thought 231 was recycled from surplus cannon propellants.
Who remembers when 231 was new.
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The first "Ball" powders were, but they haven't been made that way in a long time.

The statement is basically correct, but it is not going to happen soon.

Chances are there will eventually be a variant of Titegroup with a burn rate similar to 231/HP-38
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lucky I still have a couple of KEGS
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Apparently, this is just another interweb rumor and there are NO plans to discontinue 231/HP38. ? View topic - Final Word on W231
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Not exactly

Since Hodgdon does not MAKE the powder it isn't entirely up to them It is actually MADE by St. Marks Powder Co. which originally was Winchester's plant in St. Marks FL.

The statement about the different process is correct.

My original statement was "it won't happen anytime soon" but if St. Marks doesn't want to make it because they can make more money doing something else what is likely?

Logic suggests that a substitute in the Titgroup family should not be hard to concoct and when/if that happens 231 will probably be phased out.

The original e-mail from the guy at Hodgdon didn't say it was going away today as some have mis-interpreted
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