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GOOD DEAL on Cast Bullets


I was "clued-in" by "my brother of the heart" about a retired guy from Arkansas, who makes EXCELLENT bullets in numerous weights/calibers & at a GREAT price.

His name is MATT & his website is:

Fwiw, I ordered (to try them) 100 GC bullets for my Model 760 in .300 Savage caliber last week in 180 grain for less than 15 bucks. - I had "gotten sick & tired" of paying nearly 2 bucks each for 180 grain hunting loads for my "pet" hunting rifle, so I've started reloading again.
Those bullets arrived in this afternoon's mail & the bullets are (after careful examination): FLAWLESS.
(After seeing those bullets, I'm going to order some boxes of 200 RN grain cast bullets for my 2-inch Model 12 S&W .38SPL snub-nose revolver, too. - The old .38 Super Police load seems to NOT be available anymore/any place.)

NOTE: I have NO relationship to "Matt" or his company, other than paying/satisfied customer. Nonetheless, I heartily recommend his products to my friends here on

just my opinion, sw

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I wonder how those .312" gas checks would do for light loads in .303 Brit?
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My GUESS is that that GCCB would be fine for .303 British up to 2000FPS or perhaps a little more.
(I have a 1917 Remington so-called "American Enfield P-17" that the British Home Guard "reamed out" to accept .303 British bullets & it shoots BEAUTIFULLY with GCCB at plus/minus 2000FPS.)

IF it was me, I'd try 16 grains of 2400 OR 20 grains of H4895 with that cast bullet for a "general purpose CB load". ====> Game animals don't care that they were killed by a cheap rifle with cheap CB loads!!!

BTW, one of my favorites for my "Anglo-American Enfield" is 8 grains of Unique with a similar "homebrew" CB. = GREAT practice & small game load & DEADLY on critters out to 100M.
(My sight is set for 600M & "dead on" at 50M. - I like that so well as a small-game load that I seldom bother to look for .22LR ammo any more.)

QUESTION: Have you carefully measured the bore on your .303 rifle??? = British barrels vary a GREAT DEAL.
(I've seen .303 British barrels that shoot FINE with .309 CB & some that are so large that 8mm bullets are usable.)

just my OPINIONS, sw

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I don't even USE a gas check until velocities exceed 2000 fps.
As with all lead bullets: Fit is everything. Slug the barrel.

Reading magazines, you would think that every single 9x19 has a 0.3550" groove diameter and every .223 Rem has a 0.2240" groove diameter. Not sure what world they live in, but it isn't the same one I reside in.
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I wouldn't argue too much with you. = In most of MY "more modern" rifles, the GCCB does BETTER at >1500FPS.
(I started loading GCCB on the WISE advice of my "brother of the heart", C. E. Harris. - YEP, that C.E. Harris, inventor of "The Load".)

Otoh, my old .303 Savage & my late uncle's old .32-40WCF rifle do fine with 200grain PLAIN CB. = Both are KILLERS at the ranges that I hunt in the south TX brush, out to farther than you can see (20-50M) on hogs/WT/critters.

"Your mileage may vary".

just my OPINION, sw
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