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FWIW- Brass Clean Up

Redundant Topic / Thread (understood)

Liquid brass cleaner(s) contain phosphoric acid - as the primary active ingredient. "BC" is the most popular. This product works OK, IMO. It's a bit pricey and not always available when you need it, on that late, Sat. afternoon.

I have a resolution - I cleaned up and restored approx. 500 pieces of 7.62 / .308 Win. and .45 acp brass in [s]5[/s] 10 minutes flat ! Forget the tumbler !

- Get a large beach towel (terry cloth)

- Navel Jelly, you heard correct ! (phosphoric acid jelly) dilute 4 : 1 - 6 : 1 ratio - water. Mix vigoriously !

- dump contents on towel

- get rubber gloves on

- roll around & agitate for as long as you'd believe that all surfaces have been contacted / wiped with liq. compound. 5 minutes should do it.

Tip - Tie up the four corners of towel and mix thoroughly .

Rinse Well - dry / polish in another beach towel until dry.

The brass appears - virgin / commercial - clean
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That doesn't wreak havoc on the brass?
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Prolly if soaked in full concentrations over nite.
Remember - BC Liquid Case Cleaner - active ingredient is Phosphoric Acid - Same goes for Navel Jell.
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I just spray dirty brass with non-ammonia Glass Plus glass cleaner, and run them in the tumbler for an hour. No fuss - no muss.

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+1 to USSR. Way to much hassle... at least for me.
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Originally Posted by USSR

I just spray dirty brass with non-ammonia Glass Plus glass cleaner, and run them in the tumbler for an hour. No fuss - no muss.Don
At this time . . . UTL
I recall your recommendation of this particular product in the past, however, the usual suspect retailer(s) stock with the standard ammoinia-ized pump spray version. We'll certainly keep our eye out for it.

Do you use said product with your Walnut -> (Initial Clean Up) or Corn Cob -> (Polish) phase - or both ?

Originally Posted by SpecialEd
too much hassle
500pcs as bright as I've ever seen in 10 flat ?

Best, There !
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I tumble my brass overnight in walnut shell media and jewelers rouge. It comes out bright and shiny and I don't have to fuss liquid cleaners that leech copper out of the brass.
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The only time I use liquid cleaner is when I get 1000 or so brass from Pats that is extremely tarnished. After that 1st cleaning I typically do what Don (USSR) does. Spray them down with glass cleaner and toss them in the tumbler with corn cob (AHH that good old corn cob).

Phosphoric acid can be bought in the liquid form thru several chemical suppliers. BC cleaner is $7.99 at my Sportsman's Warehouse and one bottle typically does the job for me on several thousand!! Also, do not discard that used solution reheating it almost to a boil will rejuvenate that solution for at least one or two more uses!!

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Liquid cleaners are for those who have a noisy tumbler, live in a townhouse and have nosey neighbors. Ask me how I know.

Oh - On leeching copper out - Cuvee needs more water ! Too strong concentrate. Brass - 5 - 8 mins maximum exposure to solution.
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