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8 mm Mau > conversion ?

I have a relative that is apparently going to form .308 & .358 Win. from 8 X 57 / 8mm Mau. JS. Why ? He says the brass is too good to give away ... a dozen or so boxes of Norma 8 X 57 JS.

My question or more correctly, my assumption is - Start loads at at the very bottom as usual ? Is it worth it ? He has a mill at his shop and has them all cut to 2.20".

I don't expect the principals here to extend necks (no pun) .. Any members like to offer any FWIW / W/ grain of salt input or perhaps an article

Thanks !

Best ! ALL
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There is no reason not to. If it's good brass and he already has it, why not? He'd better trim it shorter than that though.
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Charlie Petty did an article on reloading the Nambu 2-3 years back. Maybe he can offer some advice.
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The only real caution other than OAL is that potentially the necks may be too thick. I've formed .308 out of 30-06 even with no problems. Just ask him to watch for hard chambering. Most rifles will have generous enough chambers.
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Old 11-25-2006, 11:20 AM   #5
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he should trade that excellent brass for the correct stuff.
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Old 11-25-2006, 01:10 PM   #6
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If he has already trimmed it he's ruined it for any other use. The neck will almost surely be too thick.

I did do a piece on loading Nambu but that really isn't relevant here... what is though is the foolishness of trying to make brass from something else when you can get the right stuff for less. He could have easily swapped the Norma brass

The only time reforming makes sense is when you can't get the cartridge any other way.
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Perhaps my age is getting the better of me. So,I went upstairs, got a Remington 30-06 case, lubed it with Dillon, and sized in one easy pass. Surprise! The case came out of the die at 2.498" (it started out at 2.480"). Headspace was right on the money. I then took a little longer than usual trimming to 2.000", using the normal pilot. I then seated a Winchester 150 gr. Power Point to an OAL of 2.63 which means the shank seated past the neck. The neck diameter checked .344". The cartridge looked perfectly normal and still headspaced fine. I then pulled the bullet and miked it- .3084". Many years ago, I wanted a 7.62x51 headstamped for 1950. That's when I first did it. Many years ago, I could get once fired
30-06 brass for less than 2 cents apiece but .308 Winchester was going for 10 cents apiece. That made a fairly large difference in price. You still must follow all the reloading rules.
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Heck, I'll buy that brass off him for my Mauser. He could turn it around for twice as much of the proper brass.
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